January 15 Reorganization Meeting: Agenda Minutes
January 15 Meeting:  Agenda Minutes
February 19 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
March 19 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
April 16 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
May 21 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
June 18 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
July 16 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
August 27 Meeting: Agenda
September 17 Meeting: Agenda

January 16 Reorganization Meeting: Agenda Minutes
January 17 Meeting:  Agenda Minutes
February 20 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
March 20 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
April 17 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
May 15 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
June 26 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
July 17 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
August 21 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
September 18 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
October 16 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
November 13 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
December 11 Meeting: Agenda Minutes

An evaluation and recommendation report for the award of the competitive contract for self-checkout hardware, software including credit card acceptance, shipping, installation, training, project management and ongoing maintenance for the Ocean County Library is available in the Administrative Offices of the Ocean County Library Toms River Branch, 101 Washington Street, Toms River, NJ 08753 during regular business hours Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm. The issue of the award for the competitive contract is on the Library Commission Agenda Tuesday, December 11, 2018.


January 17 Reorganization Meeting: Agenda Minutes
January 17 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
February 21 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
March 21 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
April 18 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
May 16 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
June 20 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
July 18 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
August 15 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
September 19 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
October 17 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
November 14 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
December 12 Meeting: Agenda Minutes

January 19 Reorganization Meeting: Agenda Minutes
January 19 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
February 16 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
March 15 Meeting: Agenda Mintues
April 19 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
May 17 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
June 21 Meeting: CANCELED
July 19 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
August 30 Meeting (Rescheduled from August 16): Agenda Minutes
September 20 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
October 18 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
November 15 Meeting: Agenda Minutes
December 13 Meeting: Agenda Minutes


For Upcoming Meetings:
THESE ARE NOT OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS. It is listed as a courtesy and attempt to inform the public of actions being considered by the Ocean County Library Commission. There may be additions or deletions prior to the commission taking final action. If you have any questions or if we may be of any assistance, please contact Harry Applegate, Commission Secretary at (732) 349-6200.