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What’s hot? What’s new? What’s everybody reading and talking about?
Here are some links to WebPages devoted to the best-selling books of the moment and of all time.

New York Times Bestseller List http://nytimes.com/pages/books/bestseller/index.html
Hardcover and Paperback bestselling lists in Fiction, Non-fiction, Children’s, Advice with links to NY Times reviews. Registration is required but there is no charge.

New York Times Review of Books
A n archive of thousands of reviews, book-related news articles, bestseller lists, and interviews back to 1996. Access to the Book Review and the first chapters of selected titles. Audio and Special Reviews as well. The service is free but registration is required. Full-text of First Chapters of selected bestsellers and featured titles are also available.

USA Today's Top 150 best-selling books list http://www.usatoday.com/life/books/top-50.htm
USA TODAY calculates a list of 300 best-selling books each week. The first 50 are published in the newspaper, and the top 150 are available online. Included are more than 1.5 million volumes from about 4,700 independent, chain, discount and online booksellers


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