Ancient Civilizations & Mythology

If you need information for a school project or are interested in Ancient Civilizations & Mythology, this is a great place to start! We have listed the following websites for your convenience.

    Ancient Civilizations

  • Ancient Egypt

    Go back in time with The British Museum! Read a story, explore information, or give the challenge activity a try! Egyptian Life, Mummification, Pyramids, and Trades are just some examples of the areas offered. Take this journey!

  • Collapse: Why Do Civilizations Fall?

    Explore the collapse of four ancient civilizations and see how we learn from the past. Visit the Mayan city of Copan, Chaco Canyon and others as you search for clues, interpret evidence, and study what ‘trash’ can tell us about a society!

  • Odyssey Online

    Odyssey Online is an online journey that explores ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, African, and Near Eastern cultures.

  • Pyramids: The Inside Story

    On this PBS Website, wander through the chambers and passageways of the Great Pyramid and learn about the pharaohs for whom these monumental tombs were built.

  • Tale of Three Cities

    A vivid look at how life has, and hasn't, changed in the past 2,000 years by comparing three cities from different millennia: Alexandria, Egypt in A.D.1; Cordoba, Spain in A.D. 1000; and New York City in A.D. 2000.

  • Mythology

  • Mythology

    Read creation stories, myths, and learn about gods & goddesses of many cultures around the world.

  • Mythweb

    Learn about heroes, gods, and monsters of Greek mythology. Complete with an illustrated encyclopedia of Greek mythology, A to Z!

  • Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology

    This site is devoted to the heroes, gods and monsters of Greek mythology. The encyclopedia section is arranged alphabetically.

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