If you need information for a school project or are interested in Explorers, this is a great place to start! We have listed the following websites for your convenience.

  • American Journeys

    A great digital library that contains eyewitness accounts of North American exploration.

  • Voyage of Exploration: Discovering New Horizons

    This site contains several ways to learn about the Age of Exploration. You can search a database of explorer biographies, a timeline of explorations, expeditions by geographic area, and different methods of navigation.

  • Age of Exploration

    Contains an explanation about the Age of Exploration and includes biographic information about some of the most famous explorers as well as general information about different time periods.

  • Explorers A-Z

    Contains a list of links to some of the most well-known explorers. Compiled by the Multnomah County Library.

  • Kid Info-Explorers

    An excellent list of links to tons of sites containing information about explorers, famous expeditions and early navigation methods.

D Larca 10/10

Keep in mind that the Ocean County Library has a wonderful collection of books and materials on this subject as well. Visit one of our libraries or access our online catalog to view our collection. If you need further help contact your local librarian.