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Oasis Winds
Stories about young people from the Middle East

Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis

Ever since the fundamentalist group Taliban secured power in the Afghan capital of Kabul, Parvana and her family have suffered.  J Ell

Croco’nile by Roy Gerrard

Young Hamut and Nekatu live along the Nile, where they find a baby crocodile, befriend it, and raise it to full size.  E Gerr

Day of Ahmed’s Secret by Forence Parry Heide

As Ahmed delivers bottles of propane gas throughout the streets of Cairo, he treasures a special secret he can't wait to share with his family.  E Hei

I am the Mummy Heb-Nefert by Eve Bunting

A mummy recalls her past life in ancient Egypt as the beautiful wife of the Pharaoh's brother.  J Bunt

Pepi and the Secret Names by Jill Paton Walsh

As he paints the lion, hawk, crocodile, and cobra that his son has managed to coax to serve as models for the decorations on the tomb of Prince Dhutmose, Pepi's father captures an even more important animal.  J Pato

A Place in the Sun by Jill Rubalcaba

In ancient Egypt, the gifted young son of a sculptor is taken into slavery when he attempts to save his father's life, and is himself almost killed before his exceptional talent leads Pharaoh to name him Royal Sculptor.  J Ruba

Sami and the Time of the Troubles by Florence Parry Heide

A ten-year-old Lebanese boy goes to school, helps his mother with chores, plays with his friends, and lives with his family in basement shelter when bombings occur and fighting begins on his street.  J Hei

The Stars in My Geddoh's Sky by Claire Sidhom Matze

Alex's Arabic-speaking grandfather comes to visit the United States, and Alex learns about his grandfather's Middle Eastern homeland.  E Matz

The Storytellers by Ted Lewin

Abdul and Grandfather pass through the streets of Fez, Morocco, and stop at an old gate, where Grandfather performs as a storyteller.  J Lewi

What's the Matter, Habibi? by Betsy Lewin

One day, instead of following Ahmed around in a circle giving children rides, Habibi the camel runs through the bazaar with Ahmed following him and trying to figure out what is wrong.  E Lewi

Zekmet, the Stone Carver: A Tale of Ancient Egypt by Mary Stolz

Chosen to design a magnificent monument for a vain and demanding Pharaoh, an Egyptian stone carver conceives of and begins work on the Sphinx which still stands in the Egyptian desert today.  J Sto

Zorah's Magic Carpet by Stefan Czernecki

A Moroccan woman's magic carpet takes her to far away places, which provide inspiration for her to create other beautiful carpets.  J Czer

Researched and Compiled by L. Baldwin

       Copyright © 1996-2002 Disclaimer. All rights reserved. Credits. 05.01.15
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