Reading, Writing & Spelling

If you want to improve your reading, writing and spelling skills, or are interested in becoming a writer someday, this is a great place to start! We have listed the following websites for your convenience.

  • Education Place

    Entertaining help with reading, grammar and spelling for grades K-8. Has Weekly Reader articles, games, stories and more. Produced by the Houghton Mifflin textbook company.

  • The Magic Key

    Reading comprehension, punctuation games and more for children age 5-7. Based on a BBC TV show with fun characters.

  • PBS Kids Spelling Games

    Games that teach spelling with fun PBS characters from Cyber Chase, Super Why, Caillou and Word Girl.

  • Room 108 Kid’s Writing

    Not just writing, but spelling, phonics, grammar, typing, and even printing. Room 108 is for grades K-5 kids with lots of free online games and minimal advertising.

  • Kids on the Net

    Kids on the Net has writing lessons and tips for different types of writing – from reports to poetry. This British website was one of the first to invite children to submit their writing, and it showcases the stories children have written.

  • Word Central

    Vocabulary building games and skills from Merriam-Webster, the dictionary company.

  • Phonics

    Phonics exercises and games for pre K through 6th grade. Sadlier is a recognized educational publisher in parochial schools throughout the U.S.

  • Instructor Web: Language Arts & Grammar

    Not an exciting looking website, but it gets the job done with short, clear lessons on sentence structure, parts of speech and more.


Keep in mind that the Ocean County Library has a wonderful collection of books and materials on this subject as well. Visit one of our libraries or access our online catalog to view our collection. If you need further help contact your local librarian.