Science Fair Projects

If you need information for a school project or are interested in Science Fair Projects, this is a great place to start! We have listed the following websites for your convenience.

  • Science Fair Project Resource Guide

    An excellent place to start with lots of project ideas. It also explains the scientific method and how judges judge.

  • Science Fair Central

    This is Discovery channel's Science Fair site and it's packed with good basic information and great links. Check out the "study starters" section and learn some amazing science facts. It might inspire you to choose a topic that will keep your interest.

  • The Science Explorer

    Here is the place that not only shows you how to perform fun and creative experiments, it explains the science behind the fun. Clear, well illustrated directions and detailed explanations!

  • Science Buddies

    Science project ideas, how-to information, and advice from an expert!

  • Earthquakes for Kids

    Science fair project ideas dealing with earthquakes.

  • Science Project Ideas for Kids

    Play and learn about science projects on teacher, scientist, and author Janice VanCleave’s website!

Keep in mind that the Ocean County Library has a wonderful collection of books and materials on this subject as well. Visit one of our libraries or access our online catalog to view our collection. If you need further help contact your local librarian.