Solar System

If you need information for a school project or are interested in the solar system, this is a great place to start! We have listed the following websites for your convenience.

  • Amazing Space NEW!

    Information on everything space including stars, black holes, gravity, galaxies, comets, and asteriods. Includes instructions on how to build a model of the Hubble Space Telescope for under $20.

  • Astronomy For Kids

    Space information, games, dictionary, and news.

  • Astronomy: Our Place in Space NEW!

    Quizzes, activities, and interviews with famous astronomers provided by the American Museum of Natural History.

  • NASA's Space Place NEW!

    Get answers to space questions, play games, and find your next science fair project.

  • Solar System 101 NEW!

    Information, current news, games, and solar system recipes provided by NASA.

  • Star Child: A Learning Center for Young Astronomers

    Join NASA for great information, games, and trivia about the planets and the universe.

  • World Book Kids

    Check out the World Book Kids Edition entries for all things space! Planets, stars, astronaut biographies and more!
    (This database is provided with funding from the Ocean County Library. If searching from outside the library you will need to enter your library barcode for access)

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