Bugs & Insects

If you need information for a school project or are interested in Insects & Bugs, this is a great place to start! We have listed the following websites for your convenience.

  • Bug Guide

    Use the pictures to discover facts on hundreds of different bugs! Provides great information on habitats, food, and more!

  • Going Bug-gy!

    Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus answers some fun bug questions! Such as, do bugs have teeth? What is the most poisonous insect? How small can ants be? And more!

  • National Geographic Bugs

    Interesting articles and videos about a variety of insects.

  • San Diego Zoo Kids-Insects

    Explore the world of insects with the San Diego Zoo.

  • Superbug

    Basic information about insects and arachnids.

  • World Book Online-Info Finder

    A great resource on the world of insects! (This database is provided with funding from the Ocean County Library. If using from home you’ll need to enter your 14 digit library barcode)

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Keep in mind that the Ocean County Library has a wonderful collection of books and materials on this subject as well. Visit one of our libraries or access our online catalog to view our collection. If you need further help contact your local librarian.