Just for Fun...

  • Hip & Hop, don’t stop!

    Hip & Hop, don’t stop!

    Czekaj, Jef (E Czek)

    A new twist on the old rabbit and hare tale, one can talk really fast, the other r-e-a-l-l-y---s-l-o-w. They compete in a hilarious rap-off…read on to see what happens and find out who wins the contest!

  • Dog Loves Books

    Dog Loves Books

    Yates, Louise (E Yate)

    A dog in love with books opens his own bookstore, what could be better than that! But where are the customers? No worries dog will open a book while he waits and immerse himself in a story. When people do come he knows just what book they need!

  • My name is Dug

    My name is Dug

    Thorpe, Kiki (E Thor)

    Dug loves peanut butter and squirrels and frogs and YOU! He is on a special mission to find a rare bird by using his great tracking ability and keen sense of smell. Have you seen the bird, can you keep Dug on the right track and help him find it?

  • Over in the Meadow

    Over in the Meadow

    Cabrera, Jane (E Cabr)

    This sing-song rhyme counts from one to ten using different animals and what they do around the meadow. Sing along as you look for the animals in colorful backgrounds, then find them all again at the end!

  • The Book that Eats People

    The Book that Eats People

    Perry, John (E Perr)

    Warning! Beware! Caution! People have gone missing while reading this book so look out, you could be next. Make sure you your hands are clean and you do not have any cookie crumbs on you when you approach this book, it seems awfully hungry. Open it up and read on, if you DARE!

  • The Jazz Fly: starring the Jazz Bugs

    The Jazz Fly: starring the Jazz Bugs

    Gollub, Matthew (E Goll)

    Read alone or along with the audio CD. A fun story about a lost fly asking directions from a bunch of animals using language in unique ways. He finally finds his band at the club and plays with all of the sounds he has heard throughout the day wowing everyone!

  • My Dog may be a Genius

    My Dog may be a Genius

    Prelutsky, Jack (J811.54 Prel)

    Laugh out loud funny poems of silliness. Where else can you find a pig in a swimsuit, a skunk in court, and meet new characters like Wosstrus, Celloon, Violinnet, and Bupple. Who are they you ask, come on in and find out!

  • Every Minute on Earth: fun facts that happen every 60 seconds

    Every Minute on Earth: fun facts that happen every 60 seconds

    Murrie, Steve (J031.02 Murr)

    You never know what can happen in as little as 1 minute of time. Explore these funny and amazing facts from around the world with things like sports, animals, food, the Earth, space and many other topics. You will amaze your friends with what you learn like in 1 minute 750,000 gallons of water goes over Niagara Falls, or that in 60 seconds 10,000 pieces of skin falls off of you…yuck!

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