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The materials listed below are all available at the Ocean County Library.  If you need assistance or additional suggestions, please speak to a staff member. 

Words fail me. . .resources to assist with your creative writing

  • Asher, Sandy: Wild Words! How to Train them to Tell Stories
  • Bauer, Marion: Whatís Your Story?
  • Cassedy, Sylvia: In Your Own Words: a Beginnerís Guide to Writing
  • Dubrovin, Vivian: Write Your Own Story
  • Ryan, Elizabeth: How to be a Better Writer
  • Scholastic Explains Writing Homework
  • Stanek, Lou: Thinking Like a Writer
  • Storybook Weaver
  • Ultimate  Writing & Creativity Center
  • Venolia, Jan: Kids Write Right

Math for Everyone

  • Bobo, Betty: Math America
  • Burns, Marilyn: Math for Smarty Pants
  • How do Octopi Eat Pizza Pie?
  • Leedy, Loreen: Subtraction action
  • Math Blaster
  • Math Rabbit
  • Millieís Math House
  • Polonsky, Lydia: Math for the Very Young
  • Scieszka, Jon:  Math Curse
  • The Search for the Mystery Planet
  • See You Later Escalator
  • Treasure Math Storm
  • Trudyís Time and Place House


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