Libros y Mas

Juvenile Hispanic Fiction (Bilingual Materials)

  • A Day Without Sugar

    Diane De Anda (J DeAn)

    When a cousin is diagnosed with diabetes, a family tradition of eating is turned into a hunt for hidden sugars in the foods they eat.

  • Martin de Porres: The Rose In The Desert

    Gary D. Schmidt (JB Martin)

    Born into poverty in Peru and faced with discrimination and neglect, the “son of a slave” becomes known to all the people of Lima for his compassion and care.

  • Maximilian & the bingo rematch: a Lucha libre sequel

    Xavier Garza (J Garz)

    This second title in a series stands alone as Max has to deal with bickering aunts, his uncles’ quest for a tag-team title, and the temptation of a new, possibly evil, girl.

  • Mountain Dog

    Margarita Engle (J Engl)

    When Tony’s mother ends up in jail he is sent to live with his great uncle Tio in the wilderness of the Sierra Nevada and is exposed to a completely different way of life.

  • The legend of Ponciano Guitérrez and the mountain thieves = Leyenda de Ponciano Guitérrez y los ladrenes de la sierra

    Casimiro Paiz (J 398.2 Paiz

    Passed down from generation to generation from 1890 onwards, this is the story of a farmer who escaped the infamous New Mexican thief Vicente Silva and his gang of bank robbers. (BILINGUAL)

  • Tito Puente, Mambo King = Tito Puente, Rey del Mambo

    Monica Brown (JB Puen)

    Tito was always playing music from pots and pans to a saxophone while he was in the Navy. After attending Julliard his musical dreams come true and he is known as the Mambo King. (BILINGUAL)

  • Yes, We are Latinos!

    Alma Flor Ada

    Latinos are many different types of people. Some are Black or Asian or Jewish. Read the short stories of some very different young Latinos and be amazed.

  • Zapato Power

    Jacqueline Jules (J Jule)

    This series tells the story of a boy who mysteriously receives a package of shoes that give him the power to run super-fast. This new power inspires him to go out and do heroic deeds.

  • Zombie Baseball Beatdown

    Paolo Bacigalupi (J Baci)

    Three kids discover that the locally produced meat is turning people into zombies. Nobody believes them and it is up to them to save the world while navigating issues of racism and illegal immigration.

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