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Read and Listen Online - websites where you can listen to stories, watch videos, or download books to read...

If you’re looking for books you can read or listen to online, this is a great place to start! We have listed the following websites for your convenience.

  • Read.Gov from the Center for the Book

    From the Library of Congress, with pages specifically for kids and teens. Classic books have been digitized and are available to read online, including the Wonderful Wizard of Oz with the original illustrations. There’s also a continuing story with new chapters contributed by famous children’s authors.

  • International Children’s Digital Library

    A collection of children's books from around the world available free of charge. The International Children’s Foundation believes that children and their families deserve to have access to the books of their former culture, as well as those of the country in which they now live.

  • Inkless Tales

    Inkless Tales covers a variety of subjects and provides lots of fun games, but it is included here for its collection of beginning level stories and poems that kids can read online.

  • Story Home (audio books)

    The mission of The Story Home is to provide free online original and classic children’s audio stories to delight and inspire children and their families. Story Home offers a brand new story every other week.

  • Storynory (audio books)

    Storynory is a mixture of new stories, fairy tales, specially adapted myths and histories, and some poetry. They have published an audio story every week since 2005. The site is sponsored by the Center for Guided Montessori Study.

  • Story Line (videos)

    Story Line is a presentation of the Screen Actors Guild foundation. It’s fun for both kids and parents, who will recognize some of the actors and personalities who are shown reading a children’s picture book. It also includes activities and lesson plans for each book.

  • Professor Garfield’s Toon Book Reader (audio comic books)

    A joint project of Garfield creator Jim Davis and educators at Ball State Univ., kids can read and listen to original comics on several reading levels.

  • American Folklore

    This site from Rutgers University contains short retellings of folktales, tall tales, Native American legends, weather folklore, and ghost stories from every one of the 50 States. You can read about famous characters like Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill, Daniel Boone, and many more.


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