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  • Kiss Her Once for Me

    By Alison Cochrun (Fic Coch, eBook, eAudiobook)

    Last Christmas, Ellie had a dream job and a magical day with a stranger named Jack. A year later, she’s lost both. She’s also newly engaged to Andrew in a convenience-scheme. As if meeting the family isn’t hard enough, finding out that Jack is Andrew’s sister will turn this plan upside-down.

  • Back in a Spell

    By Lana Harper    (Fic Harp, eBook, eAudiobook)

    In this Thistle Grove romance, Nina Blackmoore collides with non-binary co-owner of the Shamrock Cauldron, Morty Gutierrez. Family drama ensues, and to top it off, Morty develops magic that coincides with a spark in Nina’s power. Now she’s faced with guiding Morty through this change while questioning the power of their connection.

  • Light From Uncommon Stars

    By Ryka Aoki (SF Aoki, eAudiobook)

    Katrina Nguyen, a transgender runaway and violin prodigy, is just who Shizuka Satomi needs to break her curse. Until she meets Lan Tran in a donut shop. A retired starship captain, Lan, starts to change the way Shizuka feels about damning others to save her own soul.

  • Endpapers

    By Jennifer Savran Kelly (Fic Kell)

    Feeling stuck in both her relationship and her career as a book conservator, Dawn seeks answers while tracking down the author of an old, queer love letter. Endpapers breaks gender identity norms in this character-driven journey of self.

  • The Romantic Agenda

    By Claire Kann (Fic Kann, eBook, eAudiobook)

    When Joy goes away with her best friend, Malcolm, she thinks it’s her chance to confess her feelings, unrequited as they may be. Then she meets Fox and the two pretend to date to make Malcolm jealous. Joy will rediscover what she wants in this book with ace representation.

  • The Daughters of Izdihar

    By Hadeer Elsbai (Fic Elsb, eBook, eAudiobook)

    Nehal (an aristocrat) and Giorgina (a poor bookseller) must embrace their similarities in this duology inspired by Egyptian history. The two women use their elemental magic to fight for women’s rights, but how will they press on as the war against all weavers surges?

  • A Dash of Salt and Pepper

    By Kosoko Jackson (Fic Jack, eBook, eAudiobook)

    Reluctantly, Chef Logan O’Hare hires sarcastic Xavier Reynolds as his prep chef. A single-father, Logan’s structured demeanor rivals Xavier’s carefree attitude. Nonetheless, feelings ignite in this rom-com, but do Logan and Xavier have the right ingredients to make their relationship last or will their connection sour?

  • Sorry, Bro

    By Taleen Voskuni (Fic Vosk, eBook, eAudiobook)

    During a month-long series of events called Explore Armenia, Nar connects with a woman named Erebuni. The two fall for each other while bonding over shared culture and cooking kuftes. However, Nar is not out to her family as Bi, and it’s only a matter of time before her two worlds intersect.

  • All the White Spaces

    By Ally Wilkes (Fic Wilk, eBook, eAudiobook)

    A stowaway on an Antarctic exhibition, Jonathan finally feels free to be his true self, but when the crew lands in an unmapped and isolated area, they find themselves among an unknown terror lurking in the dark. Set during WWI, Jonathan must prove himself to survive in this atmospheric thriller.

  • Not That I'd Kiss a Girl

    By Lil O'Brien (B Obri)

    It’s the early 2000s when Lil O’Brien is kicked out of her home after her parents find out she’s gay. Only 19, Lil struggles between staying hidden or breaking free. In this true, heartbreaking story, Lil’s witty prose shines through in this book about self-discovery and healing.

  • ¡Hola Papi!: How to Come Out in a Walmart Parking Lot and Other Life Lessons

    By John Paul Brammer (B Bram, eBook, eAudiobook)

    In this collection of essays, JP Brammer writes about his experience as a queer, biracial man. An advice columnist in his early 20s, JP uses stories from his life to answer questions posed by queer and straight people alike. Often times humorous, he doesn’t shy away addressing more serious topics.

  • Hijab Butch Blues: a Memoir

    By Lamya H. (B H)

    Lamya explores her sexuality when she begins to have feelings for another woman. By studying the Quran, Lamya finds parallels between her experiences and those of the prophets’. In this memoir, she writes of her struggles with Islamophobia and homophobia and what it’s like to feel out of place.

  • The Hidden Case of Ewan Forbes

    By Zoë-Jane Playdon (B Forb, CD B Forb)

    A legal case kept hidden from the world is recorded in this biography of Ewan Forbes. Born in Scotland to a wealthy family, his life is chronicled from the early 1900s to his fight in 1968 to claim his baronetcy as a transman.

  • Queer Conception: The Complete Fertility Guide for Queer and Trans Parents-To-Be

    By Kristin L. Kali (618.178 Kali)

    An LGBTQ+ guide to help parents navigate fertility, surrogacy, and other medical and social concerns. This book by midwife Kristin Kali is body-positive and inclusive to the transgender community.