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African American Resources

The following web sites have been gathered and organized alphabetically, beginning with Arts and ending with Web Directories and Search Engines.

The Internet has a wealth of information and hopefully the links provided below will aid you in accessing what you are looking for regarding the African American experience and culture.

Listed below are resources for individuals interested in audio, visual, and performing arts.

African-Americans in the Visual Arts: A Historical Perspective
This website, from Prof. Melvin R. Sylvester at Long Island University, provides an overview and history of African-Americans in the visual arts as well as biographies of selected artists.

AFRICANHIPHOP.COM is a project created by the non-profit organization Madunia. This web site is a source for information on African Hip Hop music.

Afropop Worldwide
Afropop Worldwide is an online resource for information concerning African music worldwide.

All About Jazz: Jazz Magazine and Resource
All About Jazz is an online resource for those interested in jazz music. It includes articles, interviews, links to biographies of jazz musicians, audio downloads, and reviews of shows and albums.

National Museum of African Art
National Museum of African Art, a unit of the Smithsonian Institute, is a web site that includes several online exhibits.

Powerful African-American Images Revealed in Picture Books
This web site is a bibliography of children's picture books that portray African American children from Dr. Kay E. Vandergrift, Rutgers University, New Jersey.

Smithsonian Natural History Web: African Voices
African Voices is a permanent exhibition from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. It is a resource for information on African art and the impact of African culture.

Contemporary Literature
The following links are included for individuals who are interested in contemporary literature by African Americans. Some of the things you will find on these web sites are book reviews and interviews with authors.

The Black Book Review Online
This web site contains reviews of fiction and non-fiction adult and children's books by and about African Americans.

Black Issues Book Review
This is the online version of the Black Issues Book Review bimonthly magazine. It contains reviews of current adult fiction and nonfiction books, as well as reviews of new children's books. There are also regular articles and features pertaining to books and the publishing world.

Voices from the Gaps
This web site from the University of Minnesota provides biographical information on women writers of color from North America, as well as bibliographies, literary criticisms, and links to related web sites for each author.

Gay & Lesbian
The following links are sources of information concerning minority homosexual communities.

Blacklight Online
This is an online newsletter featuring articles, commentaries, and interviews concerning the minority gay and lesbian communities.

United Lesbians of African Heritage (ULOAH)
ULOAH is an organization founded by women. Its goal is to provide support and act as a source of information for lesbians of African American heritage. ULOAH holds an annual three-day retreat for women in Malibu, California.

The Internet has become one way of researching a family's ancestry. The web site below is an excellent starting point for individuals who wish to trace their family's history.

AfriGeneas~African American & African Ancestored Genealogy
AfriGeneas is focused on African related genealogy. AfriGeneas provides an extensive list of useful links.

Christine's Genealogy Website
Christine’s Genealogy Website is an excellent resource for people interested in researching their family history.

USF Africana Heritage Project
The USF (University of South Florida) Africana Heritage Project: Rediscovering records of African American genealogy and history website provides information concerning the lives of slaves, freedpersons, and their descendents that has been transcribed from valuable documents including census records, Freedman's Bureau records, plantation journals, and many other sources. In addition, you will be able to find book reviews, articles concerning plantation life, and lesson plans for teachers.

General African American Resources
The following are general links related to the African American experience.

African American Movie Stars, Reviews, Interviews, and More!
This web site includes reviews of films, interviews, articles, and a searchable database of celebrity profiles which includes filmographies. The web site is dedicated to honoring the contributions of Black professionals in the film industry.

Africaserver: Internet Gateway to Africa is an online resource for a wealth of information and Internet links concerning Africa: politics, economy, human rights, travel, arts and culture, links for children, and food, which has a link to The African Cookbook. The African Cookbook describes the culture of food in individual countries and recipes. Click on "Africa on the Net thematically" to access the individual subjects from Africaserver’s homepage. Africaserver also has a link to its Africaserver Magazine on the homepage.

AfroCubaWeb: the African cultures in Cuba-Yoruba-Congo-Dahomey-Abakwa-Bricamo-Haiti
AfroCubaWeb is dedicated to preserving the culture of African Cubans. The web site includes information regarding music, news, race and identity, and travel, as well as conferences, newsletters, and discussion groups.

Black Excel: the College Help Network
Black Excel is a resource for students planning for college. The web site offers tips on applications, essays, financial aid, and scholarships, profiles of colleges and universities, and access to their newsletter, Black Excel.

Black Voices
In addition to providing a career center, Black Voices is an online resource for news, entertainment, music, shopping, and business information.

Digital Librarian: African-Americans
The Digital Librarian has an extensive listing of web sites related to African American resources and Black History resources.

IMDiversity.com: Diversity Job Bank: Where Careers, Opportunities, and Diversity Connect
IMDiversity is an online resource with searchable job listings. IMDiversity features articles, background information on employers, and individual sections containing resources for African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, and women.

The following links are resources for health information on the Internet.

New Jersey Department of Health & Senior Services- Office of Minority Health (OMH)
NJ's OMH is a state agency that is focused on improving the health of New Jersey's diverse population.

Office of Minority Health (OMH)
The OMH is a federal agency focused on improving the health of minorities and improving the health services for minorities in the United States.

There are numerous sources of news information on the Internet. The news web sites provided below are a sampling of what you can find on the Internet concerning Africa and African Americans.

This is a searchable news resource web site covering north, west, east, central, and southern Africa.

BlackPressUSA is sponsored by the National Newspaper Publishers Association and the Black Press Institute. It features articles by African American journalists and from Black community publications from around the nation.

USAfrica Online
This is the online version of USAfrica, the newspaper which includes material written specifically for the USAfrica Online website. The web site features a business section and biographies and profiles of influential people.

Online Magazines
Many magazines provide online versions of their paper issues. While you may access the following online versions for free, keep in mind that the paper issues may differ significantly in content. The Ocean County Library has holdings for several African American periodicals, including American Legacy Magazine, Black Enterprise, Essence, Vibe, The Network Journal, Black Issues Book Review, Savoy, and Jet.

B. Smith with Style
This is the online version of the B. Smith with Style magazine. B. Smith is the first African American woman to be elected to the Board of Trustees of the Culinary Institute of America.

Black Collegian Online
The Black Collegian Online is a resource for African American students. It provides an online job bank, resume services, and full-text articles.

This is the online version of Essence magazine. Essence is a lifestyle magazine focused on African American women.

The Network Journal
The Network Journal: Black Professionals and Small Business Magazine is the online version of the monthly magazine featuring regular articles on banking, taxes, personal finance, book reviews, business law, and technology.

Vibe Magazine Online
This is the online version of Vibe magazine. Vibe is focused on African American music and cinema, and features current news reports.

The following organizations provide information about themselves through their web sites. Many organizations publish newsletters and list press releases on their web sites, as well as provide information concerning upcoming events.

African National Congress (ANC)
This is the web site for the majority party in the South African government. Featured in this web site are press releases, speeches, links to South Africa news sources, and biographies of ANC leaders.

African Studies Association (ASA)
ASA is a non-profit organization open to anyone with a scholarly or professional interest in Africa. In addition to providing services to the African community, ASA publishes periodicals, books, grants awards to individuals, and holds annual meetings.

Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc. (AAHGS)
AAHGS is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the African American culture and history.

Black Caucus of the American Library Association (BCALA)
The BCALA is an organization devoted to developing library and information services for people of African descent. This web site features information on BCALA conferences, BCALA scholarship awards, BCALA literary awards, and job postings.

The Black Culinarian Alliance (BCA)
This web site features information on BCA's scholarship foundation, which is intended to provide aid to minority students attending the Culinary Institute of America. BCA is a not-for-profit national organization whose goal is to improve the professional opportunities of Blacks in the culinary industry.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
The NAACP is "the oldest, largest and strongest civil rights organization in the United States." Its mission has been to ensure that all minority groups share political, educational, social and economic equality. Links to current press releases are listed on the right side of the web site's pages.

The National Black United Front (NBUF)
The NBUF is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of people of African descent.

The National Council of Negro Women, Inc. (NCNW)
The NCNW is a non-profit organization whose goal is to improve the lives of women, children, and families.

National Urban League (NUL)
NUL is a nonprofit organization devoted to improving the lives of African Americans through education, economic self-sufficiency, and racial inclusion. There is a Career Center on NUL's website, as well.

United Negro College Fund (UNCF)
UNCF is a non-profit organization that provides college students and faculty with scholarship opportunities.

Web Directories and Search Engines
The following Web Directories and Search Engines are more ways to access African American related web sites on the Internet.

EverythingBlack.com is a searchable directory of black resources on the Internet.

Mosaic Web
Mosaic Web is a directory of selected web sites concerning the African American experience.

Search Black is a search engine focused on the African American experience.

SeeingBlack.com provides current articles on a variety of subjects with related links, as well as a search engine and free email service.

Books at the Library

Ocean County Library has a large collection of print and electronic materials related to African American culture and history. To find books on a particular topic, perform a subject search in the library catalog using the terms:

African American and/or African Americans

For example:

  • African American Athletes
  • African American Cooking
  • African American Musicians
  • African Americans Biography
  • African Americans History

You can also search for books on African American literature using the terms:

American Literature African American Authors

Or you can search for a specific author by name.

If you have trouble performing a search, please ask for assistance at the information desk or call your local branch.


African American biographies: profiles of 558 current men and women. 1992. R J920.009296 Haw
Provides brief biographies of African Americans who have made positive contributions to the African American community or who have made other notable achievements and who have died after the year 1968.

African American biography. 6 volumes. 1994. R J973.0496 Afri
Provides brief biographies of living and deceased notable African Americans. An image of each individual covered in the series is included next to his or her biography.

African American women: a biographical dictionary. 1993. R 920.72 Afri
Includes nearly 300 biographies of notable African American women. Each entry includes a bibliography.

The biographical encyclopedia of the Negro baseball leagues. 1994. R 796.357 Rile
Provides biographies of 4,000 Negro baseball league players, as well as a brief history of the Negro baseball leagues.

Notable Black American scientists. 1999. R 509.2 Nota
Contains over 200 profiles of African American scientists, researchers, teachers, and inventors.

Notable Black American men. 1999. R20.71 Nota
Contains 500 biographies with references.

Notable Black American women. 1991. and Notable Black American women, Book II. 1996. R 920.72 Nota
These titles contain 500 biographies and 300 biographies, respectively. The biographies range from pioneers, educators, activists, artists, athletes, and physicians and each entry includes references.

General Reference

African American almanac. 8th Edition. 2000. R 973.0496 Afri
Provides a wealth of information related to African American history and events from the recent past.

The African-American atlas: Black history and culture, an illustrated reference. 1998. R 973.0496 Asan
Provides a wealth of information on African American history and culture.

The African American encyclopedia. 6 volumes. 1993. R 973.0496 Afri
A resource that provides information on individuals, organizations, events, and arts related to African American culture and history.

The African-American experience on file. 1998. R 973.0496
Provides a brief history of Africa, the development of slavery, the political and social African American history to the present, including civil rights.

Africana: The encyclopedia of the African and African American experience. 1999. R 909.0496 Afri
is a scholarly encyclopedia covering not only African American culture and history, but also the entire African Diaspora.

Encyclopedia of African-American heritage. 2nd Edition. 2000. R 973.0496 Altm
Provides information on places, people, vocabulary, and events significant to African American history and culture.

Books for Children

Great books for African-American children. 1999. 028.162 Tous
An annotated reading list of books that have strong African American characters and focus on the African American experience. The reading levels covered in the book range from babies and toddlers to young adults.

Strong souls singing: African American books for our daughters and our sisters. 1998. R J028.162 Stro
Strong Souls Singing
is an annotated bibliography of recommended books for African American children, girls in particular.


African American writers. 2nd Edition. 2 volumes. 2001. R 810.9896 Afri
Presents essays by scholars on a range of authors with selected bibliographies.

Masterplots II: African American literature series. 3 volumes. 1994. R 810.9896 Mast
Masterplots II
includes 266 essays covering various African American authors and literary movements. Each essay includes a bibliography.


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