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General Biographies

Search for biographies on 25,000 famous people from the past and present.  This site contains links to persons related to the subject.


This site offers both a search engine and a search directory.  Search biographies by category. Obtain excellent results in biographical searches for world leaders, athletes, celebrities, women, African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, American Indians and Asian-Pacific Americans.  There are 30,000 entries in the database. 

Specialized Biographies

American Presidents:Life Portraits 
Get one-page biographies on the American Presidents with links to memorial sites.  Read  Presidential  letters, speeches, etc.

IPL POTUS -- Presidents of the United States

Find background information, election results, cabinet members and notable events in the lives of the presidents.  This site also provides links to historical documents, audio and video files and presidential sites.

Artist Biographies - Global Gallery

This is an online art source that offers an extensive database of artist biographies from all over the world throughout history.  There are links to prints and posters.

Astronaut Biographies

This is the astronaut web site of Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, a division of NASA.  Obtain biographies on career astronauts, payload specialist astronauts, astronaut candidates and cosmonauts.  There are links to Astronaut History, Life as an Astronaut and How to Become an Astronaut.

Civil War Biography Page

This is a portion of the “Home of the American Civil War” web site.  Biographies highlight the subject’s contribution to the Civil War.  Most entries are accompanied by images.  The flag to the left of the name denotes membership in the Union or Confederate Army.

Classical Music Dictionary

This classical music dictionary gives concise, but complete, information on every classical composer you can think of.  The site includes photos and links to samples of their works.

The National Inventors Hall of Fame

This site provides biographical sketches of great American inventors.  This is an online museum located in Ohio.  There are links to inventions and timelines.

The Jewish Virtual Library - Biographies
This web site is part of the Jewish Virtual Library.  It provides extensive biographical information and portraits on Jewish men and women. Global personalities from ancient to modern times are covered.

Women Mathematicians

Search an alphabetical index of women mathematicians.  Obtain biographical essays, comments and photos.  This is an ongoing project of the mathematics students at Agnes Scott College, Atlanta, Georgia.

Biographies, The Scientists: A List.

This web site offers brief biographies on scientists from A-Z. 


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