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Gaming in Libraries

Games and Education

Games and Gaming Resources
The American Library Association’s Gaming and Game Resources wiki has an array of resources for gaming librarians. It includes program ideas, rationales for gaming in libraries, and funding sources for gaming projects.

National Gaming Day @ Your Library

Learn about National Gaming Day, an annual event sponsored by the American Library Association. It encourages a variety of gaming activities in library settings.

Playing to Learn

Playing to Learn has a helpful list of quick suggestions for gaming-related activities geared towards learning. It is excerpted from the 2007 book by the same title.

General Gaming Information

Common Sense Media 
Looking for games that are safe for your youngest gamers? Common Sense Media publishes reviews of family friendly games across all consoles.

Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB)

The ESRB hosts an expansive collection of links for gaming resources, safety, and oversight.

GamerDad: Gaming with Children

Gaming With Children is a blog written by Andrew Bub, otherwise known as the GamerDad. It explores games beyond the rating on the box, and shares game-related news of interest to parents.

What They Play

What They Play offers family-friendly reviews of games with all ratings. This is a great place for a non-gamer to look for a review that he or she will comprehend!

Games in Society

The ESA’s Games in Daily Life 
The Entertainment Software Association provides an overview of how gaming is influencing a variety of aspects in our daily lives. Data is provided for everything from young children to seniors in a variety of settings.

Pew’s Adults and Video Games

This 2007 Pew report concentrates on adults and their use of video games

Pew’s Gaming Technology and College Students

The Pew Internet & American Life Project’s 2003 gaming report explores the pervasiveness of games in our society and provides insight into how games have become an everyday part of our lives. It is focused on gaming among college students but includes data for a wide range of demographics.

Pew’s Teens, Video Games, and Civics

This 2008 Pew study focuses on the effects of video games on teenagers, and how gamers develop & contribute to society.

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