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Gardening Books
Ocean County Library has hundreds of books covering every facet of gardening! If your interest is water gardening, or gardening with children, indoor gardening or raising vegetables, check out our collection of beautiful gardening books.

 Gardening Magazines
The Library’s subscription to Ebscohost includes access to MasterFILE Premier, a database that provides full text for many gardening journals.

General Sites

  The Garden Bench
Primarily a site about creating backyard habitats and wildlife gardening. This site also offers guides to New Jersey garden information resources, books and supplies.

  The Garden Gate
This collection of high quality Web sites is well-organized and user-friendly. Topical links include: indoor gardening, garden tours, catalogs, books and online magazines.

This site hosts a large number of forums on gardening subjects for those who wish to share their experiences and post questions to other enthusiasts. GardenWeb offers a calendar of gardening events by region, a plant database, and a glossary of botanical terms.

This directory has ten main categories: plants/seeds; products; general garden information (including such things as farmer's markets, mulching, and where to buy beneficial bugs); events calendars; community gardens; catalogs; arboretums, botanical, and historical gardens; extension offices; master gardener programs; and associations and societies. Garden Zone gives plant hardiness information for the U.S. and Canada. Gardeners may share their thoughts in the Gardener's Journal. Free subscription to The Inside Dirt, a monthly e-mail newsletter, is available.

  My First Garden
A guide to the world of fun gardening shows elementary school students "the beauty of gardens, and the care involved in planning, nurturing and enjoying the benefits of gardening in a variety of spaces and places." Includes a Teacher's Guide.

  National Gardening Association Online Magazine
The National Gardening Association was founded in 1972 to spearhead the community garden movement. Their online magazine offers in-depth material for beginning and experienced gardeners alike. This site is searchable by keyword, and by subject in the Q & A Library.

 Square Foot Gardening
This is the site for the organic vegetable gardening method popularized by Mel Bartholomew. Plots only one foot square require very little effort, space, and resources. Best of all, this style is a uniquely simplified method for the novice gardener.

  Watch Your Garden Grow
How to store and prepare the fruits (actually the vegetables) of your labors. Maintained by the University of Illinois, this site recommends vegetable varieties, gives detailed planting information and instructions for picking your produce. Recipes are suggested for preparing, serving and preserving your harvest.

  Weekend Gardener
Do you like to garden, but can't seem to find the time? The Weekend Gardener offers help in choosing the right plants, tools, and techniques, and ways to break up activities into manageable, weekly tasks so you can enjoy a nice garden and even have time to relax in it. Check out their FAQ’s and their Grow Guide to calculate dates for sowing, hardening off, and transplanting tasks.

A good basic lawn care site which includes choosing the right grass; installing and restoring lawns; reducing maintenance, weeds, diseases, and pests.

Specific Sites

  The Bonsai Site
This site covers bonsai history, beginning and advanced techniques, and maintenance.

Everything you could possibly need to know about bulbs, from A to Z.  Includes great pictures, too.

  House Plant Guide
Step-by-step guide to gardening indoors. The plant index is searchable by common and botanical names. Information is provided on terrariums, dish gardening, topiaries, fruit and vegetable species for indoor planting, toxic houseplants, pests and diseases.

A non-profit association of rose growers dedicated to the introduction and promotion of exceptional roses. Highlights include a list of AARS-award winning roses (with selected photos) going back to 1940, temperature zone maps, information about rose use and landscape design, gardening tips, and the history and symbolism of roses.

  Seed Sources
Names and addresses of many general and specialty mail order seed sources.  Upon request, most companies will send you a free catalog.

Something Bugging You? Pests and Diseases

  My Deer Garden
Useful site for learning how to have an attractive garden in deer country. Information on natural and chemical ways to deter deer depredation; deer resistant landscape design (with sample plans); and physical barriers. This site includes a database of plants that are resistant to deer, plus a list of plants deer like to eat. 

  Office of Pesticide Programs
This site from the US Environmental Protection Agency describes how we can protect our children, home, work, garden, and food from the effects of chemicals used to prevent pests. Types of pesticides are listed along with information about their safe use.

  Ohio State
Yard and garden insects and pests, and what to do about them.

  Rutgers Cooperative Extension
Find your county's Rutgers Cooperative Extension office, or use the New Jersey Weed Gallery to identify what’s taking over your lawn. This is also your link to Pest Management Information.


 Cornell Composting
This site features technical information on composting for the large-scale or commercial composter or the home gardener who wishes to pursue the subject in-depth. 


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