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Do you have a paper due tomorrow and not enough resources to write it? Perhaps your dog chewed up your copy of Jane Eyre and you need to double check the quotes you planned to use? Try out the following links. Many universities and literary organizations have embraced the Internet as a method of sharing literature. Citation guides, critical works, even study guides for literary classics are available for the intrepid student, working towards that A+. The Ocean County Library also subscribes to Ebscohost, an online database of journal and magazine articles. To access Ebscohost from home, all you need is your Ocean County library card. Should you wander into the library, a number of solid reference resources for biographical and critical analysis are available, including Masterplots, Dictionary of Literary Biography, and Literature and Its Time. Check with your local branch of the library to see what is available!

Getting Started

Have an assignment but not a topic? This site has suggestions for paper topics on a myriad of subjects not limited to literature, including science, art, history, business, and society. Suggested topics are taken from 10,000 Ideas for Term Papers, Projects, Reports & Speeches by Kathryn Lamm (paper copies are in the Ocean County Library collection).

Reference Sources

 Literary Movements
Although navigation is not always clear and smooth, this site from Gonzaga University is excellent for its comprehensive look at different American literary movements. Each section breaks down the definition of what that movement entailed, along with examples of works from that movement.

Style Guides

 A Plus Research & Writing
Three essays round out this resource. The step by step process of writing a paper is explained, along with a guide to locating valuable research via your library and the web, and how to read information you find online with a critical, appraising eye. Each section is dotted with links to other resources online. There is a lot to this site, so here is a link to their table of contents, and here is a link for those of you who would like to download the guide.

 Guide to Grammar and Writing
Confused about when to use a colon versus a semi-colon? Worried that your paragraph isn’t coherent? Try this site! Using examples and explanations to illustrate the rules of grammar, this site is easy, and almost fun to read. A sizable FAQ rounds out this resource. Created by Professor Charles Darling at Capital Community College.

 The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing
This guide literally does offer the "nuts and bolts" of researching, forming, writing, and formatting your research paper. Using examples and guidelines, Professor Michael Harvey at Washington College in Maryland, offers tips on finding substantial information for your argument, how to bolster a weak argument, watching your grammar, and plagiarism, among other issues.

Citing Sources

 A Guide for Writing Research Papers based on Modern Language Association (MLA) Documentation  Updated
Presented by Capital Community College in Connecticut, this excellent guide has step by step instructions for researching and writing an academic paper. Examples are given alongside explanations of how to prepare your paper. The use of frames allows for easier navigation, with short cuts to examples of how to cite specific formats of works, as well as tips on choosing solid resources and presenting your paper in a coherent style following the MLA style guidelines.

 A Guide for Writing Research Papers based on Styles Recommended by the American Psychological Association
Another guide created and maintained at Capital Community College. Although it is not as clear-cut as their guide to using MLA, it does provide examples of how to cite sources and it has a Question & Answer section.

 Citing Sources
Set up in chart style, examples of citations for the MLA, APA, Chicago Manual of Style, and Turabian style guides by format are listed. A simple, basic, and quick guide to use. Created and maintained by Duke University Libraries.

Texts of Works

With an editorial panel from Oxford University, Bibliomania strives to make classic works of literature available online. Hundreds of full text novels, short stories, and dramatic works, as well as reference works such as Webster’s Dictionary are displayed in clear text, chapter by chapter.

 Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg is an ambitious attempt to make e-text versions of books available for downloading. Only books whose copyright has expired are included, and for the most part that includes books published pre-1923. The texts are in plain ASCII format, and may be downloaded as a zip file or as text.

 Emule.com Poetry Archives
3654 poems by 138 poets are archived here, with plans for adding more. Every poem included is non-copyrighted. Find your poem by scanning an alphabetical list of poets and their works, and then click on the title of the poem you need. Feeling giddy? Try out their random poem. While the text used is basic, viewing the poem using the Internet Explorer browser was easier on the eyes than using Netscape and changing the font size helps.

 Internet Public Library Online Texts Collection
The IPL houses over 11,000 titles. A wide variety of disciplines is included, and you will find texts pertaining to history, science, religion, and philosophy, as well as works of literature. Find your title by browsing an alphabetical list of titles or authors. A keyword search is also available.


Literary Criticism/Biographical Information

General Hubs

 Literature Resource Center
Extremely useful and easy to navigate, LRC is your one-stop source for all things related to authors and their works. It provides criticisms, work overviews, articles, bibliographies, author timelines, biographies, topical essays and literary term definitions. This database is provided through funding from the Ocean County Library. Access it from home using your library card number.

 Contemporary Authors This database is provided through funding from the Ocean County Library. Access it from home using your library card number.
This award-winning reference resource profiles current and early 20th Century authors. Search the database by author, title or subject for biographical information, lists of writings, media adaptations, and suggestions for further readings on more than 120,000 U.S. and international novelists, poets, playwrights, nonfiction authors, journalists, scriptwriters.

 Online Literary Criticism Collection
The Internet Public Library’s criticism collection links to 3482 sites with biographical or critical essays for authors and specific works. Links are arranged by Literary period, or by an alphabetical list of authors, titles or works. Although this site does link to some restricted access sites, its size and content still make this site useful.

 Rutgers Literary Resources on the Net
Broken down by time period, Rutgers University has collected a sizable number of links to solid resources online. While American and English authors dominate this list, links to sites concerning classical literature, and authors from other countries, while limited, are worth a look.

 Voice of the Shuttle
VoS, ‘weaved’ by Alan Liu at the University of California, Santa Barbara, is a massive directory of links. Each section includes links to general resources on that topic, then is further broken down by time period or nationality or genre. Most resources are briefly annotated.

 Voice of the Shuttle- English Literature
 Voice of the Shuttle- Literatures (other than English) Page
 Voice of the Shuttle- Literary Theory

Specific Resources

 American Authors on the Web
A simple, yet quite comprehensive collection of links to both classic and contemporary American authors makes up this resource. Searching through the non-alphabetized list is cumbersome. Use the Find command on your browser. Maintained by Associate Professor Mitsuharu Matsuoka of Nagoya University in Japan. Try out the equally impressive collection of links to British & Irish Authors on the Web, and 19th Century British & Irish Authors.

 Contemporary Postcolonial & Postimperial Literature in English
Maintained at Brown University, this extensive listing of information by and about authors whose countries were once under British rule is exhaustive. Social, historical, demographic, and political essays for countries, as well as pages for individual authors make this site impressive.

This is an excellent collection of links to original texts and critical resources on Medieval, Renaissance, and 17th Century literature.

 Victorian Web
Presented by Brown University, the Victorian Web presents an overview of literature and life during the Victorian era. In addition to essays dealing with religion, philosophy, technology, and gender issues during the Victorian era, links to sites on individual authors, including Dickens, Emily Bronte, and Thomas Hardy are available.


 Geoffrey Chaucer
Maintained by David Wilson-Okamura, Macalester College, this collection of links to biographical, critical, and bibliographical information on Chaucer is up to date, informative, and lovely to look at.

 F. Scott Fitzgerald Centenary
Created by the University of South Carolina, this collection of Fitzgerald information is informative and enjoyable reading. A chronology of Fitzgerald’s life is included, along with several articles, an extensive bibliography of Fitzgerald’ s work, information about his work, Zelda Fitzgerald’s work, and a biographical sketch of the author.

 John Milton Reading Room
Maintained at Dartmouth University, Milton’s works of poetry and prose, including Paradise Lost, and his essay on The Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce, are available for reading at this site. Each work is presented in clear text, and reference links to definitions of particular words or elements in the work make this site a valuable resource.

 Anniina’s Alice Walker Page
A collection of links to sites with biographical, bibliographic, and critical essays about Alice Walker, her poetry, prose, and novels.

William Shakespeare

 Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet
This, quite simply, is a massive directory of links pointing to information about William Shakespeare, his life and his works, online.

 Charles and Mary Lamb Tales From Shakespeare
Written for children in the 18th century, these are the plays of Shakespeare re-written into prose. For a quick read in order to better comprehend the play, they are helpful.


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