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General Art Topics

Art History Resources on the Web
Offers a chronological look at the history of art and architecture by period of art. A wonderful "Research Resources" link takes you to yet more links, images, and methods of research. Each subject is fully treated, and the scholarly tone and verifiable content recommend this site to students and teachers. An award winner!

A well-organized website that is useful for information on artists and art history, in general. It contains an A-Z listing of 8,700 artists and one can browse the site by movement, medium, subject or nationality. The site also has both access to and useful descriptions of fine art and general image search engines; as well as a special section devoted to more than 850 women artists.

The Virtual Library Museums Page
Breaks down information on museums, galleries and archives by country or continent first. Museum entries offer descriptions of the collections, maps, and sometimes, virtual tours. Before you take a trip, look here to find out "what’s playing" in the city or country you plan to visit. This is one of the biggest collections of art museum websites available.

World Wide Arts Resources
A gateway to arts information on a myriad of topics – including current exhibitions, galleries, agencies, publications, employment, supplies, portfolios, art blogs and discussion groups, etc. Like most gateways, or "metasites," it offers a search function which locates outstanding links: "Winslow Homer" for example, turned up forty links to museums owning his works, articles and websites. Different and useful for views on classic and contemporary artists.

Art Museums

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
A joint venture by two top museums, featuring a "zoom" function which permits you to home in on various works of art. The easy-to-use, very tight focus allows viewers to see minute detail of the artwork involved. Searchable, this site is constantly expanding its image bank which contains objets d’art and ceramics, in addition to paintings. A really outstanding site.

National Gallery of Art
Organized beautifully to make every facet of its collections, buildings, tours, shops and programs easily accessible. Multiple points of access make the search functions easy to work with, and there are also virtual pod cast and video tours of several of the National Gallery’s collections. Using free software available for downloading and provided by the museum, one can move through the art works while listening to scholarly commentary. Cell phones tours of the East Building are also available, as are downloadable musical performances that have occurred at the NGA.

The Smithsonian: Art, Design and Crafts
Provides selected links to American arts and crafts sites, including collections in museums, galleries and exhibitions of note, such as the Renwick Gallery, the Hirshhorn, the Freer and Sackler Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery, the Postal Museum , the American Art and African Art Museums and the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum . Its links include "Archives of American Art", which is a huge collection of documents, images and oral history interviews about the history of visual arts in America . An “Ask Joan of Art” feature allows you to email an art specialist your queries, and the “Everything Art” area permits children to create their own online art. Satisfactory site for history buffs and those who appreciate crafts.

Art Auction Information

The international website of the Auction Data Bank Corporation, publishers of printed and electronic art price databases, such as the ADEC/Art Price Annual. Artprice.com allows you to search over twenty-five million fine art auction results for 405,000 artists since 1987. While initial search results are free (lists of items sold by artist, titles of works), detailed results (hammer prices of items, lots sold, catalog images, etc.) are available for a fee.

Christie’s and/or Sotheby’s
Two major art auction houses that are both based in New York and London . They offer a variety of services connected to the evaluation and purchasing of fine art in all of its formats. Sotheby’s website is especially easy to navigate and allows you to register without cost for some of their services. Both sites have appraisal forms available for printing which one can use to have an art object or picture evaluated for its worth. Ever wonder if that picture from Grandma’s attic or that vase you found at a local antique store valuable? Here’s one way to find out if your treasure is really worth a fortune!

Phillips de Pury & Company
New York based auction house which focuses solely on the sale of contemporary art, design, jewelry and photography, its website contains past auction and exhibition catalogs and results, as well as information about contacting their specialists for auction estimates and consultations.

Art Images

Provides lovely reproductions of well-known artists’ works on an easily searchable site. Indexes are alphabetical and by nationality/time period. With a choice of artists more varied than might be expected in any one physical museum, this web site offers enlargement of images along with brief biographies of artists courtesy of Microsoft Encarta. Advertisements sometimes intrude.

Mark Harden’s Artchive
A treasure trove of art images, both historical and contemporary. The Artchive is divided by movement type, time period, and in some instances, by artist’s names. There are also searchable “galleries” - each of which contains a rotating online exhibition, and a “Favorites” tour. One of the first art image archives, Mark Harden’s Art Archive is worth browsing for any student of art at any level. It also has excerpts of analysis and critical discussions posted for several well-known works. Advertisements sometimes intrude.

Creating Art

A Lifetime of Color : ArtEdventures from Sanford
A good starting point for the creation, studying and teaching of art, as well as ideas for playing art related games. It is an interactive site sponsored by the Sanford Corporation, the manufacturing company for professional art products like markers, pens and pencils. It contains demonstrations on drawing, perspective, and color techniques, and has timelines, biographies, glossaries, project ideas, and lesson plans for grades K – 8 to browse.

Art Resources in the Toms River Reference Collection

These art reference books cover art and artists from around the world. They are for in-house use only. Some of these items are located in our other branches as well. Please check with your local branch for details. The list below represents only a few of the titles in our library. Please call or visit if you have questions.

MAJOR RESOURCES             

Arts and Humanities Through the Eras
Gale Virtual Reference Library

Five volume set available online via the GVRL collection. Locate through OCL’s online catalog. Profiles milestones & movements in the arts, literature, music & religion from specific periods. Includes overviews & chronologies from Ancient Egypt through the Age of Enlightenment.

The Dictionary of Art
by Jane Turner
R 703 Dict

International in scope, all inclusive. Alphabetical arrangement. Articles are signed. Illustrations included in text, biographical articles, periods defined, etc. Index.

Encyclopedia of World Art                            
by Bernard Samuel Myers
R 703 Enc

International in scope, all inclusive. Alphabetical arrangement, indexed with two supplements. Articles in the front of each volume, prints in the back. Index necessary because articles are arranged thematically, i.e. geographical, historical, conceptual, etc.

History of Art
by H.W. Janson
2000, 6th ed.
R 709 Jans

Contains biographical information, timelines and a selection of translated primary source excerpts. Information is listed time period, movement and country. Topics covered include architecture, music, theater, decorative arts, printmaking, sculpture, painting and documentary photography. Bibliography, Selected Discography, selection of Art and Architecture Websites, Glossary and an Index also included.

Modern Arts Criticism
by Joann Prosyniuk
1991 – Present
R 709. 22 Mod

Both biographical information and criticisms of artists, including painters, sculptors, photographers and architects. Modern period. Also artists’ statements.



Index to Artistic Biography*
by Patricia Havlice
1973, 1981, 2002
R 709. 22 Hav

Two volume set, plus first supplement and two volume second supplement. Indexes location of biographical information about artists. International in scope, it provides the nationality, dates, genre, etc. Great for verification.

Mallett’s Index of Artists*
by Daniel Mallett
1948 (c. 1940)
R 709. 2 Ma

Supplement Only. Indexes location of biographical information about artists – painters, sculptors, engravers, etchers, illustrators not in the 1935 edition. International in scope; it gives names and dates. Good for verification.

American Art Directory 2008
R 702. 5 Amer

Alphabetically lists national and regional organizations that administer and coordinate the arts within the U.S. and Canada. Includes listings for study abroad programs, art schools, museums, magazines, newspapers, critics, scholarships, fellowships and exhibition booking agencies. There are 3 alphabetical indexes- organizational, personnel and subject.

American Artists
by Les Krantz
R 709. 22 Amer

Brief biographical information about 1,000 U.S. artists. Alphabetical arrangement. Also lists exhibitions, awards. 

American Art Analog
by Michael David Zellman
R 707. 5 Amer

Essays on American art history, from the 17th through the 20th century. Biographical information for over 800 painters, reproductions of works and a graph depicting market activity of painting sales.

A Dictionary of American Artists, Sculptors & Engravers
by William Young
R 709. 22 Di

Arrangement alphabetical by artist. Includes brief biographical information on American artists and naturalized foreign artists. Covers the colonial period into the early 20th century. 

Dictionary of Contemporary American Artists*
by Paul Cummings
1994, 6th ed.
R 709. 22 Cumm

Alphabetically arranged by artist. Contains biographical information for over nine hundred artists, accurate up until May, 1993. Also lists awards, exhibitions and a bibliography for each artist’s entry. 

Index of Twentieth Century Artists, 1933-1937
by Frances M. Pollak
R 709. 73 In

Exhaustive information about a select number of 20th century American artists and immigrants working in the U.S. prior to 1933. Lists exhibitions, reproductions and bibliographies. Index is essential.

Mantle Fielding’s Dictionary of American Painters, Sculptors & Engravers*
by Mantle Fielding
1986, 2nd ed.
R 709. 22 Fie

Basic biographical information on American artists, alphabetically arranged. 

The New-York Historical Society’s Dictionary of Artists in America, 1564-1860*
by George C. Groce
R 700. 92 Groc

Includes basic biographical, exhibition and genre information. No criticisms. Encompasses information on painting, drawing, sketching, sculpture, engraving, lithography and silhouette cutting. Alphabetically arranged by artist.

Who Was Who in American Art, 1564-1975*
by Peter Falk
R 709. 22 Who

The first update in fifteen years, this new three volume edition covers four hundred years of American artists. Includes very basic biographical information.

Who’s Who in American Art*
by American Federation of Arts
R 709. 2 Who

Brief biographies covering all segments of the American art world. Alphabetical arrangement, with multiple indexes, including geographical, professional, necrology, etc. Toms River owns 1973, 1976, 1978, 1980, editions 15-22, 24-25, and 27-28. 


African Americans in the Visual Arts
by Steven Otfinoski
R 704. 0396 Otfi

Nearly 200 entries in alphabetical order, encompassing biographies for African American artists from a variety of mediums, from film to folk art, from illustration to jewelry design. Index. Bibliography. Lists entries by Medium/Area of Activity, Artistic Style and by Year of Birth.

The Afro-American Artist; A Search for Identity
by Elsa Honig Fine
R 709. 73 Fine

Divided into periods of African-American art with representative artists of each period included. Indexed. Book has a definitive political viewpoint.

Afro-American Artists; A Bio-Bibliographical Directory
by Theresa D. Cederholm
R 700. 92 Cede

Covers the period from the slave craftsmen of the 18th century until the present. Includes basic biographical information, lists of works, exhibitions, awards and a bibliography.

American Folk Art of the Twentieth Century
by Jay Johnson
R 709. 22 Joh

Basic biographical information on folk artists. Author often seems troubled describing the scope of the text- more than simply primitives.

Encyclopedia of Jewish American Artists
by Samantha Baskind
R 704. 03924 Bask

Includes a Brief History of Jewish American Art, a Bibliography, Index and alphabetically arranged biographical entries, as well as Selected Public Collections where an artist’s work may be viewed.

The Illustrated Biographical Encyclopedia of Artists of the American West
by Peggy Samuels
1976, 1st ed.
R 709. 22 Sam

Alphabetical arrangement, basic biographical information plus references to other artist biographies, as well as other art resources.

St. James Guide of Native North American Artists
by Roger Matuz
R 704. 0397 St

Scope includes all media and dozens of North American native cultures in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Includes a tribal and media index. Alphabetical arrangement.



American Women Artists: From Early Indian Times to the Present
by Charlotte Rubinstein
R 704. 042 Rubi

Divided into period chapters with individual biographies of the women representative of that particular period and/or school. Includes a list of illustrations and an index of artists.

A Biographical Dictionary of Women Artists in Europe and America Since 1850
by Penny Dunford
R 709. 22 Dun

Alphabetical arrangement, basic biographical information. Excludes photographers and filmmakers. Bibliographic information listed after each artist. A very selective work.

Dictionary of Women Artists: An International Dictionary of Women Artists Born Before 1900
by Chris Petteys
R 709. 22 Pet

International in scope. Alphabetical arrangement. Only covers artists born prior to 1900. Includes brief biographical entries, media, etc.

North American Women Artists of the Twentieth Century
by Jules Heller
R 709. 22 Nort

Includes basic biographical information regarding women born prior to 1960 in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Alphabetical arrangement. Several articles are signed.

Women Artists
by Margaret Barlow
R 704. 042 Barl

Information on female artists spanning 500 years, from the 16th through the 20th century. International in scope. Includes nearly 300 color plates. Index. Chapters divided by time period and region discussed.

Women Artists in the United States
by Paula Chiamonte
R 704. 042 Chi

A selective bibliography and resource guide on the fine and decorative arts between 1750 and 1986. It is useful for the verification of artists’ names, dates, etc. Essentially a listing of other resources, organizations, documents, etc.

Women Artists of the American West
edited by Susan R. Ressler
R 704. 042 Wome

Divided into two sections: a set of interpretive essays and a biographical dictionary of the artists discussed in the essays – all of them women artists living west of the Mississippi River. Alphabetically arranged biographies. Bibliography. Index. Essays divided into sections related to Community, Identity, Spirituality, Locality and Telling Visions. 



Artists from Latin American Cultures: A Biographical Dictionary
by Kristin G. Congdon
R 709. 8 Cong

Alphabetically arranged. Biographical information for more than 75 artists of Latin American descent. Each entry contains a listing of Places to See that particular artist’s Work, as well as a bibliography. An index and glossary are also included.

Artists of the Nineteenth Century and Their Works
by Clara Waters
1969 (c. 1884), 7th ed., revised
R 709. 22 Wa

Alphabetical arrangement. Contains basic biographical information with a general index. Artists ranging from America, Western Europe and Scandinavia are included. Also includes critical quotations.

Bulfinch Guide to Art History
by Shearer West
1996, 1st North American ed.
R 709 Bulf

A comprehensive survey and dictionary of Western art and architecture. Covers from the ancient to modern periods. Essays explore broad subjects. Styles and terms are defined and explained. Also includes basic artist biographical information and a bibliography. Alphabetical arrangement.

A Checklist of Painters, c1200-1994 represented in the Witt Library, Courtauld Institute of Art, London
by Witt Library
1995, 2nd ed.
R 759 Witt

Alphabetical arrangement of artists with works at the Witt Library, Courtauld Institute of Art in London, England. Good for the verification of names, dates, nationalities and locations of works of art.

Cyclopedia of Painters and Paintings*
by John Champlin
1969 (c. 1886-1887)
R 759 Cyc

International in scope covering ancient times through the nineteenth century. Alphabetical arrangement containing artists’ biographical information, works and some signatures.

Dictionary of Artists*
by Benezit, E. (Emmanuel)
R 709. 22 Dict

The first English language edition of 14 volume, 1999 French publication, Dictionnaire Critique et Documentaire des Peintres, Sculpteurs, Dessinateurs et Graveurs. It has been revised, adapted and updated. International in scope, and useful for identifying names, dates, media, nationalities, and titles of works. Some signatures included.

French Painters & Paintings from the 14th Century to Post-Impressionism
by Gerd Muehsam
R 759. 4 Mue

Scope is artists either born in France or of French nationality. Can be used for identification purposes. Also includes some basic biographical information, and criticisms. The index is essential.

Great Artists of the Western World
by Marshall Cavendish
R 709. 22 Gre

Ten volume set containing information regarding European and American artists from the pre-Renaissance in Northern Europe until the modern period. Contains illustrations. Index volume. Toms River is missing Volume 2: The High Renaissance.

Great Artists of the Western World II
by Marshall Cavendish
R 709. 22 Gre

Ten volume set containing information regarding European and American artists from the early Renaissance through the modern period. Contains illustrations. Index volume.

International Who’s Who in Arts and Antiques
by Ernest Kay
R 700. 92 Inte

Alphabetical arrangement and international in scope. Includes listings for artists, art educators, gallery and museum directors, art and antique collectors, dealers, restorers, heads of art associations, etc.

Latin American Art: Ancient to Modern
by John F. Scott
R 709. 8 Scot

Traces the development of Latin American regional art from pre-Columbian times to the present. It discusses the major media, styles and artists that defined each time period. Divided geographically and focuses on cultures and civilizations. Index. Bibliography. Maps. Timelines.

World Artists, 1950-1980
by Claude Marks
R 709. 22 Wor

Biographical dictionary containing information on artists who worked, or were influential, during the time period. Alphabetically arranged, international in scope.



Contemporary Artists
by Joanne Cerrito
1996, 4th ed.
R 709. 22 Cont

International in scope. Alphabetically arranged. Contains basic biographical and exhibition information. Does not include artists who were deceased before 1965.

Contemporary Artists*
by Colin Naylor
1989, 3rd ed.
R 709. 22 Cont

International in scope. Alphabetically arranged. Contains basic biographical and exhibition information. Does not include artists who were deceased before 1960. Artists must have worked as professionals for more than 5 years to be included.

Dictionary of the Avant-Gardes
by Richard Kostelanetz
2000, 2nd ed.
R 700. 411 Kost

Alphabetically arranged entries, covering a variety of topics and individuals from Abstract Expressionism to Frank Zappa. Bibliographies cull from a myriad of sources including exhibition catalogs, websites, documentaries, interpretations and publications.

Index to Reproductions of European Paintings
by Isabel Monro
R 759 Mo

A guide to works of art found in more than three hundred books. Alphabetically arranged, with an index.

Latin American and Caribbean Artists of the Modern Era
by Steve Shipp
R 704. 0368 Ship

A biographical dictionary of more than 12,700 persons. Alphabetically arranged entries. Appendices for Artists Listed by Country, Chronology of Exhibitions, Museums and Galleries where works have been exhibited. Bibliography also included.

World Painting Index
by Patricia Havlice
R 750. 16 Hav

A guide to art books where the work can be located within. Alphabetically arranged. Can be used to verify names and dates. 


PRICES                                       * Indicates source is on the Art Identification Form

Art at Auction: The Year at Sotheby Parke Bernet 1975-1976
R 706. 5 Art

Covers the two hundred and forty second season. Useful for verification of prices at which works were sold. Also has very basic information on several artists. Can also be used to verify names and dates.

Art at Auction: The Year at Sotheby Parke Bernet 1979-1980
R 706. 5 Art

Covers the two hundred and forty sixth season. Useful for verification of prices at which works were sold. Also has very basic information on several artists. Can also be used to verify names and dates.

Currier’s Price Guide to American Artists 1645-1945 At Auction
by William Currier
1991, 5th ed.
R 707. 5 Curr

Current price ranges on the original art of over 7,500 American artists at auction. Alphabetically arranged. Useful for the verification of names, dates, media, etc. It also contains references, i.e. Mallett.

Davenport’s Art Reference and Price Guide 2007/2008
by R.J. Davenport
R 707. 5 Dave

Alphabetical arrangement. In addition to the price at which works were sold, it may also be used to verify names, dates, media, etc. It also contains references, i.e. Mallett.

Encyclopedia of Modern Art Auction Prices
by Michele Berard
R 706. 5 Be

Alphabetically arranged by artist. Also contains birthplaces, brief chronologies and records of sales.



Dictionary of Signatures and Monograms of American Artists
by Peter Falk
R 702. 78 Fal

Possesses renderings of signatures from the colonial period through the mid 20th century. Alphabetically arranged. 

Encyclopedia of Artists’ Signatures, Symbols and Monograms
by H.H. Caplan & Bob Creps
R 702. 78 Capl

Contains the signatures of more than 25,000 artists from all periods and a variety of nationalities. Extensive and comprehensive. 


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