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buying a car

New or Used Vehicles

Before going to an auto site to comparison shop, check out the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration home page. Read about car and truck safety issues and standards, and compare how vehicle types fared in crash tests.

A simple to use site for locating prices and specifics for new and used cars and trucks. Their "pro-picks," based upon pricing, reliability, and service costs for new and used vehicles are helpful.

In addition to getting prices and specifics for new and used cars and trucks, read safety reports and long term road tests describing how well the vehicle runs over a length of time for each vehicle. This site is kept up to date with articles, and is easy to navigate.

The Environmental Protection Agency's site provides all sorts of useful information from comparing fuel economy on competing vehicles and tips on improving mileage to information on gas prices and why fuel economy is an important issue.

  Kelley Blue Book
Find pricing for new and used cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

This is the online edition for the Blue Book. It includes pricing and specifics for new and used cars, trucks, power and sailboats, aircraft, recreational vehicles, motorcycles (including class motorcycles back to 1905), personal watercraft, and snowmobiles. Keep in mind that there is a 5 value limit per day.

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