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holidays and celebrations

Select from our large collection of holiday items. We can always request an item for you from another branch. Staff is always willing to teach you how to “place a hold” and get the item you want.

Check our catalog and try a Subject Search for “Holidays” or “Festivals” to find more:

All Around the World

  Buddhist Festivals
Buddhanet offers a full list of Buddhist festivals and special days.

  Chinese New Year
This Web site explores the Chinese Lunar New Year or Spring Festival and provides history, traditions, and origins of this holiday.  

  Christmas World
Christmas Traditions- Christmas World links you to many different countries and their special holiday traditions.

  Diwali (Deepawali)
The Hindu holiday Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is represented here with a description of its history, significance and traditional celebrations.

  Jewish Holidays throughout the Year
About.com presents an overview and calendar of Jewish holidays.

A beautifully crafted Web site about the celebration of the Jewish holiday Hanukkah.

  Holiday Links
Beliefnet.com explores holidays from many different cultures and religions.

  Holidays and Celebrations
Searches many different holidays by their date or name, including historical holidays. You can search for a specific holiday’s history, recipes and craft ideas.

Everything that you need to have a happy Halloween is on the Kate.net site!

The celebration of the African American and Pan-African holiday is present here on the Official Kwanzaa Web Site.

  Mexican holidays
Mexico Online offers a full calendar year of the official & religious Mexican holidays with a link to local festivals.

This holy Muslim holiday of the Islamic religion is nicely presented on Holidays.net.

This site links you to information about the history of Thanksgiving, also to recipes for a great Thanksgiving Day feast.

  Worldwide Holiday and Festival Site
This massive database provides information on holidays and festivals worldwide. Search by country, religion, and month of holiday.


  Epicurious Foods– Holiday Menus
This site has a great selection of menus for many holidays and special occasions throughout the seasons.

  Holiday Recipes from Pillsbury
Search by holiday for some new recipe ideas.

  Holiday Cookie Recipes
This site has a nice collection of Christmas cookie recipes. Nutritional information is included. Try some of these new and different treats this holiday season.


  Holiday Crafts for Adults
This site links to craft ideas for adults by holiday name or by craft category.

  Craft Exchange
This site has a great selection of craft projects especially for the kids. You can search by the name of the holiday or by the season.

  Holiday crafts for the Kids
Here you’ll find craft ideas for children. The site includes all the standard holidays and also a nice selection of projects for other “special days”.  

  Halloween  - Crafts and Costume ideas
This site links you to some great Halloween decorating and costume Ideas.

  Thanksgiving – Crafts and Decorating
This site offers many interesting ideas for Thanksgiving decorating and Fall craft projects.

  Christmas – Crafts And Decorating
This site has a variety of different ideas for the Christmas season.

  Hanukkah Projects
This will link you to some interesting crafts for Hanukkah.

  Kwanzaa – Holiday Craft Projects
On this link you’ll find ideas for Kwanzaa crafts projects.

Entertaining and Etiquette

Great tips for hosting holiday parties and other special occasion parties. This site includes information on party planning and creating a timeline, decorating, recipes, and tricks of the trade. Use the drop-down list to pick an event.


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