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Shakespeare Online

Shakespeare’s life and works

Internet Shakespeare Editions
Created and edited by a consortium of University professors, Internet Shakespeare Editions, offers valuable academic essays on the Bard, his life, times, and works. Divided into four sections, the site is easy to navigate. Articles concerning some of Shakespeare’s plays and poetry, as well as information concerning the Elizabethan time and theater scene are housed in the Library. The Annex houses material that has been published in other formats. The Theater is still under construction it appears.

Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet
This, quite simply, is a massive directory of links pointing to information about William Shakespeare, his life and his works, online.

The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust had owned and maintained Shakespeare’s birthplace in Stratford-Upon-Avon since 1847. They have created this web site in order to further Shakespeare scholarship.

A wealth of information concerning Shakespeare and his family is contained here, perfect for the student seeking biographical backgrounds. Posted are digital pictures and maps of the Shakespeare houses, including the one in which he was born and raised, Anne Hathaway’s cottage, Hall’s Craft, and Glebe Farm.

Of special interest will be the biographical essays detailing Shakespeare’s schooling, Stratford, a timeline of his life, and finally a discussion concerning the authorship question, which is still hotly debated.

Shakespeare Resource Center 
Primarily a hub for links to information concerning Shakespeare, his life and works, the Globe Theater, Elizabethan England, and the authorship debate. Each section begins with a succinct introductory essay followed by links.

The Globe Theater and Elizabethan Drama

Shakespeare's Globe Research Database
Need the dimensions of the original Globe theater? The University of Reading has created this site to answer that, and other questions about this famous landmark of British culture. An added bonus is information about the Rose theater, as well as the new Globe that was completed in London and launched in 1997. Of note is the article detailing the extensive fire testing and precautions taken to the new Globe to insure that a fire such as the one of 1666 does not take down this building as well!

The Elizabethan Theater
From the bartleby.com site, these essays provide an overview of English drama to 1642. Scroll down the page until you get to the Elizabethan Theater section. Sections include the Globe and the Rose.

Elizabethan Life and Times

Life in Elizabethan England: A Compendium of Common Knowledge 
An incredible web site, offering quick lookup to useful information about life in every day Elizabethan England.

Complete Texts of Works

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
The mirror site to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Web site, this site allows you to read any play or sonnet by Shakespeare, or to even conduct a keyword search using the Excite search engine.

Charles and Mary Lamb Tales from Shakespeare
Written for children in the 18th century, these are the plays of Shakespeare re-written into prose. These prose works are a quick read and help the reader better comprehend the play.


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