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The Ocean County Library is a great resource for telephone directories. The Toms River Branch has telephone books for all over the state of New Jersey, and selected major cities throughout the United States.

The Library system also has access to Reference USA, an online directory of both business and consumer listings. This Web resource is available at any branch in the Library system.

The Internet is also major resource for telephone directories. Just remember that these listings are usually lifted from the traditional paper telephone books.


This is AT&T's directory service database. You can do reverse lookups, "nearbys", use their "sounds like" match for last name lookups, and get maps of the address (from their sister site
MapsOnUs). It lets you edit or delete your entry. It includes 90 million white pages listings and 10 million yellow pages listings. E-mail, Home Page, FAX, and Toll-Free Number information is included if supplied by users. –Librarian’s Index to the Internet

This is probably the most well known Internet directory. It includes white and yellow pages. The listings were compiled from published white and yellow pages directories and other publicly-available sources. The data is updated twice annually.

This site includes 117 million U.S. and Canadian White and Yellow Pages listings, 9 million e-mail addresses, links to more than 350 international directories and more than 500,000 Web sites and enhanced listings for local businesses.


Reverse lookup by telephone number.

 Langenberg.com Reverse Directory
Collects six different reverse directory resources on one Web page.

Here is a direct link to the InfoSpace’s reverse directory page. Searches by United States telephone number, U.S., Canadian, or Caribbean area code, reverse address, and reverse e-mail address are available.


 Area Code Listing by Number
This listing is maintained by a student at the University of California at San Diego. The site also has an
area code listing by state or country.

 North American Numbering Plan – Area Codes
Having trouble keeping up with the many recent area code changes? This site has an interactive map for the United States, showing which area codes to use by region.


 The Internet 800 Directory
This directory lists 800 or 888 numbers. You may search by product, service, or company name. Also has a reverse directory of toll free numbers.


Search for a person or a business. In English and French.

Find anyone anywhere in the world. Information and services for more than 187 countries. Type of directory available varies by country, but this site has a wealth of information.


 Q: Where does this information come from?

 Q: How can I remove my listing from these directories?

Q: Where does this information come from?

A: See what Search Engine Showdown has to say about telephone directories on the Web. Many sites get their data from the same one or two sources.


Q: How can I remove my listing from these directories?

A: Some sites do allow you to update or delete your listing. Look for information on how to do this in the sites’ FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) or Help area. If all else fails, look for a way to contact them. There should be either an e-mail address or fill-in form online. Some sites list a "snail mail" address or telephone number.



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