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“If you want to know what’s going on, the best thing to do is look out the window” John Glenn is reported to have said, but if you want more detailed weather information try some of these print and web resources!

Weather and Meteorology Books

Search the catalog for books about weather, climate, the best places to live, weather folklore, meteorology, and more.


Use Magazine Search to find full text magazine and journal articles from a large selection of general and science magazines. Use keywords or choose a subject search for weather and its related terms, such as climate and weather, storms, drought. Try our E-Research page as our collection of electronic resources continues to expand.

Current Weather

Intellicast provides extensive up to the minute around the world weather information, flight delays at US airports and driving conditions on major US highways. Stargazing, Home (Painting weather) and Garden, Outdoors, and Marine forecasts are a few of the more specialized weather reports available at this site.

Weather maps along with travel and outdoor advisories - skiing, sailing, gardening are found on this site. Weather-related news, educational material, a weather glossary, a storm encyclopedia, and feature articles of seasonal interest from Cable television’s Weather Channel.

 Yahoo Weather News
Get the leading world weather news for the day, find records and averages for a particular region or city, as well as current weather and forecasts for any region along with weather maps, radar and satellite images and storm-tracking links from Yahoo.

General Information

 What Forces Affect our Weather
This site is from the Annenberg/CPB Project and Planet Earth programs and provides background information about atmosphere, water cycles, storms, and climate. An excellent collection of resource links can be accessed from this site.

 Weather World 2010 Project (WW2010)
WW2010 is comprehensive weather site from the University of Illinois. It features current weather data and detailed explanatory material for students and teachers. It also includes archived weather data.

This is a Weather Calculator from the Washington Post’s weather page. Find the heat index, wind chill, convert wind speeds from knots to mph, temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

Weather Forecasting

Get long-range forecasts up to a year in advance with up to 83% accuracy from this site. Weatherplanner predicts weather trends, rather than specific daily forecasts, and provides information about continuous intervals of similar weather patterns during a particular time.

 The Farmers Almanac
This Almanac has been relied on for generations for its weather information. The online version features astronomical information, moon phases, sunrise and sunset times. Links to other weather sites as well as many of the favorites found in the print version.

Historical Weather Information

 UM Weather Underground
At this site you can find daily historic weather records for the US, most of which go back at least six years. It also contains a database of weather conditions and forecasts from around the world, weather cams, weather maps, tropical storm sites and ski reports.

 Office of the NJ State Climatologist
Rutgers University maintains this site. It provides real-time and historic weather conditions, climate data, links to national, state, and global weather and climate information. Data is updated hourly from stations in each of New Jersey’s five climate areas.

Monthly weather and averages for more than 10,200 worldwide cities is available from Weatherbase. It includes a weather resource center, a weather glossary and a Vacation Planner.


 Climate Prediction Center
The Center’s site provides information about threats to the United States climate such as drought, ozone depletion, winter outlook, wildfire from the National Centers for Environmental Prediction at the National Weather Service.


 Hurricane and Storm Tracking
The National Hurricane Center maintains a continual watch over the Atlantic, Caribbean, Gulf and Eastern Pacific issuing forecasts, watches, and warnings. The site includes links to radar and satellite images, historical information, storm names, and an explanation of the Safir-Simpson Scale.

 FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency
The FEMA web site is updated 24-hours per day, 7-days per week to give you the latest news about national emergencies. There is a section dealing with the National Flood Insurance Program, a Tropical Storm Watch Center, Safe building, where to find help after a disaster, and a special web page just for kids.


 Make a Tide Prediction
From the National Ocean Service this site allows you to predict tides for more than 3000 stations along the entire United States coastline. An FAQ answers questions about the accuracy of the predictions and seasonal and astronomical effects of the tides.

Global Warming

 EPA Global Warming
The EPA site presents information on the broad issues of climate change and global warming. The Visitor Center tailors information on specific issues of interest to kids and educators, small business, concerned citizens and coastal residents among others.

Meteorological Phenomenon

The Franklin Institute’s lightning science, lightning history, and lightning detection.

 Cloud Boutique
Photos and descriptions of different cloud formations.

Explanations of how and where tornadoes form, tornado safety, a glossary, bibliography and activities to try.

An explanation of the physics behind the rainbow. Includes text references and graphics.

Paintings in the sky from the Exploratorium. Beautiful pictures of auroras, with a self-guided tutorial and excellent links.



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