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A Web Cam is a video camera connected to the Internet which sends live images to your browser screen.

Above the Earth New Jersey Sights
Places around the world!
Animal Cams

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A picture is worth a thousand words! This site allows you to visit places near and far. Travel across the oceans and even under them. The animal sites will amaze YOU!

Above the Earth

Pop-up Earth Cam
The Pop-up Earth cam will allow you to see exactly where the sun is shining. This will help you pick a site during daylight hours when cams work best. Click on an area of the world to move that side towards you!

New Jersey Sights

Atlantic Highlands
The web cams are on the left bottom of this page. Two beautiful views to choose from and then enlarge. One camera is situated on the highest point on the East Coast between Texas and Maine! The other view is also on the river. Sunset is a great time to view EST.

Belmar Beach
Three views live from Belmar. The views refresh automatically. Enjoy the waves during the daylight hours EST (Eastern Standard Time).

Monmouth Beach
It’s just like being there at the beach! You see a full screen of surf and sand. Just click refresh to see the next seagull.

Point Pleasant
New Jersey’s First Surf Cam! Sit back and enjoy the waves. Dawn to dusk EST.

Places around the world!

The cameras here work well when it is Summer in the Southern Hemisphere. You can always check on the weather during their 6 months of no sun

Arizona Sky
The huge sky speaks for itself. Live camera from the University of Arizona in Tucson with updates every five minutes.

Ascension Island
This is a full-page view of the water between South America and Africa. Just click to travel there!

Come on over! Perth, West Australia has live cams 24 hours a day. This site has a plane-spotting contest that is fun and updates every few minutes. It is best viewed during their daylight hours.

See the slopes. Enjoy watching the live skiers in the European snow.

Big Ben, Europe
Even on foggy days the tower is visible. Take a trip to London, England FREE here on the WWW.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
These two scenes from Buxton, North Carolina that you can view anytime during daylight EST. This world famous Lighthouse and the surrounding seashore are real pleasure sites!

Eiffel Tower
This page has live video of what is happening under the Eiffel Tower as well as a full view. Updated every five minutes.

Camera in the capital city of Quito. Life at the equator is in the same time zone as New York City.

Fairbanks, Alaska
The Chena River in Alaska is always a beautiful sight. You can cool off on the hottest day of the year just by scrolling down to the picture of it!

Asahidake in Daisetsuzan National Park. Its beauty speaks for itself!

Jerusalem, The Western Wall
Twenty-four hours a day watch visitors at the wall. The view is from Aish.

Live from Red Square. This site includes a viewers guide that allows you to become familiar with the city sights!

Mt. Shasta
The Mt. Shasta web page has a beautiful view of the Mountain in Northern, CA, USA

New England
This is an educational site about air pollution. Views live from Acadia National Park, ME; Mt. Washington, NH: Boston, MA and NY.

New Orleans 
Here’s a chance to walk down Bourbon Street, Louisiana, USA. Day and night see the sights.

Niagara Falls
Anytime day or night the view of the falls is spectacular. Cameras from The Sheraton Falls Hotel show the falls from two different views.

Old Faithful Geyser
If you have never been to Yellowstone National Park, WY USA, now is your chance to see the famous Old Faithful… possibly in action! Wyoming is in MST (Mountain Standard Time) so remember to try it during their daylight hours.

Start out in Edinburgh, Capital City and tour changing views throughout this web site. Links to Ireland, N. Ireland, England and more!

South Africa
This page opens up with a picture of the day, usually an unusual animal or plant. To the left of the page are 17 cameras that you can pick and choose from to view what is going on in South Africa’s parks! Safari!

Statue of Liberty
Here she is in all her glory! Try to view her on a clear day in the New York City area.

Ushuaia, Argentina
This gorgeous view is from the southernmost town on the planet!

Washington, D.C.
Views all around the capital of the United States. Just watch as the camera takes you on a tour of the city.

Animal Cams

Asian Elephants
This live cam is from the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. There are links to giraffes, naked mole-rats and much more!

Golden FinchBird Feeder Cam
For bird-watchers everywhere! This backyard feeder in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA seems to always have another surprise. Operation is dawn to dusk Eastern Time. 

Oooey Gooey! Located on the Oregon Coast, this aquarium has a wonderful live picture of, yes jellyfish! They turn off the lights at night and are in PST (Pacific Standard Time).

Here is an Interesting view inside the Barn Owls nestbox. It has infrared cameras installed for night viewing. These Owls rest all day in their safe roost in California, enjoy!

are live from the San Diego Zoo. PST (Pacific Standard Time) is when you can view these extraordinary creatures.

Live from Jenkinson’s Aquarium, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, USA. Playful little creatures, in and out of the water all day all night

Giant Madagascar Hissing Roaches – brought to you live from the University of South Carolina! Twenty-four hours a day! NOT for the squeamish.

Waikiki Shark Cam
In beautiful Hawaii, this live view of sharks makes one glad they are behind glass.


World Wide LIVE Cams: E…X…P…A…N…D your world!


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