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Homebound Services

Homebound Services to Life Care Centers (staff-based)
Volunteer Services
Home Borrowers Service to private homes and Life Care Centers (volunteer-based)
English Conversation Groups
Teen Programs (administered by Teen Librarians)
Books by Mail (administered by Little Egg Harbor Branch)

Homebound Services to Life Care Centers (staff based) - back to top

Description: Ocean County Library offers a variety of excellent services to life care centers.  These options include deposit collections, filling customer requests, providing readers’ services, and referrals for special services.  Library staff and volunteers deliver books, gently used magazines, and books on compact disks to customers who are homebound in life care centers.  A regular schedule is established with each center to ensure consistency of service.

- Customer Profile Sheet (PDF file) for customers to complete and send back
- Customers’ Favorite Five (Each month, staff lists the favorite five items that customers are requesting on the Library webpage under the title “Support the Library,” “Volunteer @ the Library.”)
- Flyer (PDF file) for customers to complete to obtain service
Phone and Email Links:
Donna Ahlbrandt – 732-914-5427 or 732-349-6200, extension 5529
Carolyn Aceto – 732-349-6200, extension 5529

Volunteer Services - back to top

Description: Volunteers contribute their unique talents, skills, and knowledge to staff and customers, thus connecting people and building community.  Each library has a Volunteer Liaison who is responsible for volunteers at that branch.  The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for the overall administration of Volunteer Services

- Volunteer Application Form (PDF file)
    Volunteer Job Descriptions:
      - Adopt A Shelf
      - Book Reviewer - click here (PDF file) for the Book Reviewer Form
      - Clerical Support
      - English Conversation Group Leader
      - Home Borrowers Service Volunteer (in private homes and in life care center)
- Volunteer Recognition Program

Phone and Email link:
Marilyn Bass, Volunteer Coordinator – 732-349-6200, extension 5535

Home Borrowers Service to private homes and Life Care Centers (volunteer-based) - back to top

Description: Volunteers are trained and then matched with customers who are homebound due to illness, disability or lack of transportation.  A list of materials already borrowed by the customer is kept for the volunteer as materials are borrowed.

- Customer Profile Sheet (PDF file) for new customers to complete
- Flyer (PDF file) for customers to complete to offer to volunteer
- Flyer (PDF file) for customers to complete to obtain service
- Volunteer Job Description – Home Borrowers volunteer

Phone and Email link:
Gwen Lareau, Home Borrowers Coordinator – 732-349-6200, ext. 5530

English Conversation Groups - back to top

Description: English Conversation Groups meet for one hour each week at the following branches:  Barnegat, Berkeley, Brick, Jackson, Lacey, Lakewood, Little Egg Harbor, Long Beach Island, Manchester, Plumsted, Point Pleasant Beach, Point Pleasant Boro, Toms River, Tuckerton, and Upper Shores.  Each group is led by a trained volunteer or group of volunteers.  Discussions are held concerning topics of interest such as current events, holidays, food, travel, and family.  Staff is available to help participants register for library cards and find materials of interest.  The Volunteer Liaison maintains information about each group and keeps a resource bag with group materials available for the group leaders.

Group Sites
Member Information form (PDF file) for customer to register for group meetings
Volunteer Job Description – English Conversation Group leader

Phone and Email Links:
See list of Volunteer Liaisons

Teen Programs (administered by Teen Librarians) - back to top


         Adopt a Shelf Volunteers
         - Young people adopt a section of Library shelves to keep in people Dewey Decimal order.  The volunteer removes those items that do not belong in the section and straightens the remaining items.  The amount of time donated varies with the person and the section of shelves adopted.  Contact your local branch Volunteer Liaison for further information.

          Book Reviewers
          - Young people age twelve and over read or listen to a library book of their choice, complete a bookmark size review form and leave the review in the book or cassette case for others to read and enjoy.  Reviews may also be emailed to the Library at mbass@theoceancountylibrary.org.  The reviews become the property of the Library and may be published electronically or in a print version. The time spent reading the book as well as the time spent writing the review is credited to the volunteer.  Contact Marilyn Bass for a supply of blank bookmarks.  Call 732-349-6200, extension 5535 or email her at mbass@theoceancountylibrary.org.
          Reading Buddies
          - Reading Buddies is a reading assistance program that matches a teen buddy (having finished sixth grade) with a kid buddy in grades Kindergarten through third grade. This program is not a remedial reading program.  It is designed to provide a unique one-on-one relationship between the student             and the teenage tutor in which they share the fun of reading.
           - This program operates primarily during the summer at various library locations.  For more information on the Reading Buddies Program, call the Young Adult Services Department of the Library at 732-349-6200, extension 5201.

          S.A.I.L. (Service and Achievement in the Library)
          - Ocean County Library provides a summer volunteer program open to Ocean County teens that have completed the seventh grade.  Volunteering to participate in S.A.I.L. provides an opportunity for teens to learn about the Library, and the Library professions.  Teens have fun while serving their community and meeting new people.  Each year the S.A.I.L. Program is available at many of the twenty one Ocean County Library locations.

                   Among the many tasks involving teens could be:
                   - Creating displays and bulletin boards
                   - Assisting with children’s story times and events
                   - Shelf reading
                   - Working one-on-one with adults using computers      
                   - Assisting with summer programs

                   Each volunteer receives a t-shirt, nametag, and certificate of appreciation. Orientation, training and supervision is provided by Librarians and college-aged S.A.I.L. Coordinators.  Registration is required and is accomplished by contacting the local branch of the Ocean County Library.  Information can also be found on the Library website www.theoceancountylibrary.org.

Phone and Email Links:
Judy Macaluso 732-349-6200, extension 5201

Books by Mail (administered by Little Egg Harbor Branch) - back to top

The Library provides a free mail service through the U.S. Post Office for any homebound individual over 18 who has, or is eligible for an Ocean County Library borrower’s card.  Items are delivered in a blue nylon bag to residents who cannot leave their homes due to illness or disability.  A form needs to be completed by the homebound customer and signed by a physician. Once registered with Books by Mail, customers may request materials in writing or over the phone, either 609-294-1197 or 732-286-0866.  Materials are returned to the Library in the same nylon bag.  Return postage and the Library’s address are on the reverse side of the card.

- Customer Registration (PDF file)

Phone and email link:
Ellen Regan – 609-294-1197 or 732-286-0866

Referrals - back to top

          2-1-1 (community resources)
                   Beachwood -732-505-2273
                   Lakewood – 732-730-0700
          New Jersey Library for the Blind and Handicapped
          Ocean County Volunteer Center
           Retired and Senior Volunteer Program

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