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Frankenstein Fic She By Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
The annotated Frankenstein 823.7 She
Frankenstein, or, The modern Prometheus Fic She

Young Frankenstein - VID Youn -Video of the 1974 motion picture Rated PG 
Great books : Frankenstein - VID 809 Grea - Discovery Channel Video, c1996
Frankenstein : Cassette CASS Shel

British Writers Vol. III R820.9 Bri
Essay on the Gothic Novel.

Great Writers of the English Language Vol. 12 R820.9 Gre
Offers a "guide to the plot," historical background to the work, biographical essay, "who's who" of characters, and brief synopsis of other works by Shelley. Wonderful for all of the accompanying pictures.

Horror:100 Best Books Stephen Jones & Kim Newman R809:8738 Hor
Offers a two-page synopsis and general critique of the novel, which alas, has no bibliography. Essay by Jane Yolen.

Literature and Its Time Vol 1 R809.9 Lite
Historical placement of novel.

Magill's Survey of World Literature Vol. 5 R 809 Magi
Presents a short essay concerning Frankenstein, plus an excellent but brief overview of the major events in Shelley's life.

Magill Critical Survey of Long Fiction Vol. 7 R823.09 Cri
Critical overview of all Shelley's works.

Novels for Students Vol 1 R809.3 Nove
Presents a summary of the plot, major themes, analysis of characters, and a biographical sketch of Shelley.

Women Writers of Great Britain and Europe R809.89287 Wome
A biographical sketch of Shelley, with emphasis on life events that affected her work. 

Gradesaver-Classic Notes on Frankenstein
Same concept as Blooms of Cliff notes.

History of Frankenstein
From the US National Library of Medicine

My Hideous Progeny: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

Essays on Shelley and Frankenstein from Canadian Ezine

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