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Christian Books for Teens  



Between Two Worlds by Leanne Hardy.  

In a town where being different can be dangerous, Christina Larson and her Korean friend struggle to accept God's plan for them...and survive the attacks of the insiders.

Diary of a Teenage Girl: Becoming Me by Caitlin O’Connor
     by Melody Carlson.  

Sixteen-year-old Caitlin O'Conner keeps a six-month diary in which she records the day-to-day events of her life as well as her struggles to understand herself and God's plan for her future.  First of the “Diary of a Teenage Girl” series. 

Gypsy Summer by Betty Barclift.  

Katie Barnes longs to be a normal thirteen-year-old but finds herself a homeless outcast, bitter against a God who allows such misery.

Hangman’s Curse by Frank Peretti.  

When several students at Baker High School are stricken by an alleged curse of the school's ghost, Elijah and Elisha Springfield and their parents, undercover investigators, are sent to uncover the truth behind the events.  Start of the “Veritas” series. 

In the Chat Room with God by Todd and Jedd Hafer.  

Blake, Jenn, Kris, Lorri, and A.C. went to a chat room to laugh and maybe rant about life a little bit. But this mysterious Visitor is about to turn their lives upside down. And when you go to the chat room with God, be prepared ... because your life, your faith, and your world might never be the same again either.  The story is continued in Stranger in the Chat Room.

Jana’s Journal by Jeanette Windle.  

Seventeen-year-old Jana keeps a computer journal of her senior year at a Christian high school in San Diego, California, as she faces a new set of emotions and dangers at home and school.

Lies and Deceptions by Christina Hergenrader.    Ca

Each chapter ends with Bible verses and devotions.  Caroline’s story is continued in Temptations.

No Lifeguard on Duty by Lissa Halls Johnson.  

Two weeks of surfing in California exposes Tyler to new friends, new music and new influences that distance him from the Brio girls, Allen, and his commitment to God.  Part of the “Brio girls” series. 

Purity Reigns by Stephanie Perry Moore.  

A senior in high school comes to realize that her relationship with God is more important than anything.  First of the “Laurel Shadrach” series.

R U 4 Real by Nancy Bean Peacock.  

Maya plans a fashion show for the high school mixer that will require her sister Morgan and her friends to lose weight in order to participate.  Part of the “TodaysGirls.com” series.

 Shadowmancer by G. P. Taylor.  

In this spine-chilling tale set on the 1700's Yorkshire coast, Obadiah Demurral is a vicar set on gaining control of the highest power in the universe. The only people in his way are two children, Kate and Thomas, and their mysterious friend Raphah, a shipwrecked sailor who has come from his home in Africa to reclaim a stolen icon and who offers a tantalizing glimpse of another culture. Their struggle against Demurral ultimately brings them face-to-face with the powers of darkness in an epic battle packed with suspense.

Staying Pure by Stephanie Perry Moore. 

When Payton Skky, a high school senior, begins to date popular Dakari Graham, everything seems perfect until Dakari begins to pressure Payton into taking their relationship to the next level   First of the “Payton Skyy” series.

The Time Capsule by Lurlene McDaniel.    

Reminded of what life was once like by the opening of a first-grade time-capsule, seventeen-year-old Alexis now faces the pressures of senior year in high school, her parents’ total focus on work, and the recurrence of her twin brother’s leukemia.  

The Vanishings by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye.  

Start of the exciting “Left Behind – the Kids” series.  Four former Christian teenagers find themselves alone and afraid following the Rapture when God spirits his followers away to Heaven.  


Chicken Soup for the Christian Teenage Soul.   

Stories about love, friendship, forgiveness, making a difference, and dating show how God works through the lives of everyday teenagers, in a volume that addresses many of the questions and temptations affecting teens today.

The Journals of Rachel Scott: a Journey of Faith at Columbine High.  

Diary entries, drawings, poems, and letters by Rachel Joy Scott, killed during the shootings at Columbine High School, reveal the struggles and joys of a teenage girl discovering her identity as an individual and as a Christian. 

So What Difference Does Faith Make In My World by Joey O’Connor.  

Discusses how teenagers can expand their faiths beyond the church into everyday life, addressing such areas as school survival, studying and cheating, teachers, jobs, teamwork, discipline, making decisions, and living by faith.

Stomping Out Fear by Neil T. Anderson, Dave Park and Rich Miller.  

Provides tools based on biblical teachings for dealing with baggage from the past and pressures in the present that can create fear, anxiety, isolation and alienation.

A Treasury of Miracles for Teens: True Stories of God’s Presence Today by Karen Kingsbury.  

In this extraordinary collection, inspirational author Karen Kingsbury brings together the stories of teens all across America. Each real-life tale contains proof that God cares about us 24/7 and responds to our prayers, often in surprising ways.


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