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Rebel Reads

MS =Appropriate for most middle school students
HS =Appropriate for most high school students
MS/HS = Appropriate for both middle and high school students

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. Sherman Alexie.
Arnold prepares for the worst when he transfers to a school off the reservation but is pleasantly surprised when he finds a solid group of friends. As he grows attached to his new classmates, he begins to question the meaning of community and life as he has experienced it.

The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl. Barry Lyga.
Fifteen year old geek Jason forms an unlikely friendship with goth girl Kyra based on mutual disgust of the in-crowd. His only joy is working on his graphic novel, but with Kyra’s help he learns to stand up for himself.

Born to Rock. Gordon Korman.
Leo’s life is flipped when his principal’s homophobic beliefs cost him his scholarship. Then he finds out his father is King Maggot, a famous punk singer. Determined to get him to pay for school, Leo discovers the world of punk and ends up examining his previous beliefs.

Dairy Queen. Catherine Murdock.
D.J. works hard on the farm, living a quiet life with her quiet family in her quiet little town. When she decides to try out for the school football team and gets romantically linked with the rival team’s quarterback, however, there is a whole lot of talking going on.

Deadline. Chris Crutcher.
Before his senior year, Ben Wolf is diagnosed with a terminal illness. After finding out that there was little chance of living a good life even after treatment, Ben decides to just make the best last year he can- including not telling anyone that he's dying. He quickly becomes the town hero and football star, no one the wiser. But will things change when he gets closer to the people he never had the time to know?

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks. E. Lockhart.
Frankie is a sophomore at a prestigious, formerly all-male boarding school. The school is co-ed, but its famous secret society is not. When she discovers that her boyfriend belongs to this all-boys club, Frankie decides to make a stand for the girls.

Evolution, Me, & Other Freaks of Nature. Robin Brande.
Mena finds her world turned upside down when she stops a plan to "reform" a gay classmate. Things only get worse when she defends teaching evolution in school. Mena stays strong and makes some new friends and learns more about herself.

Flipped. Wendelin Van Draanen.
Juli has liked Bryce since second grade. She also likes trees and eggs- especially trees. Bryce thinks Juli is weird, but starts to understand her and even like her. By the time he does though, Juli thinks he’s as heartless as the rest of the world. Can the two reach an understanding?

Freak Show. James St. James.
Billy Bloom is a fabulous drag queen who finds himself out of luck when his mother sends him off to live with his rich father in rural Florida for his last year of high school. Surrounded by a family who doesn't accept him, students who are horrified by him, and constant physical threats, Billy decides to shake up his private institution and make progress for the GLBTQ community.

Just Listen. Sarah Dessen.
Annabel is living the high life until she gets caught with her best friend’s boyfriend, leading to total social downfall. The problem is, things didn’t go the way everyone thinks and now no one will listen or believe her. Annabel comes to terms with herself as she gains the courage to speak up.

Loser. Jerry Spinelli.
Donald Zinkoff is happy. He likes people and school and is friendly. He's also a loser. He laughs in the middle of class, gets bad grades, and is clumsy and sloppy. Lucky for him, he doesn’t really notice or care.

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. Rachel Cohn & David Levithan.
Two intelligent but heartbroken teens meet coincidentally at a club. Norah agrees to be Nick’s five minute girlfriend just to fool his ex. Instead, this one night ends up teaching both of them more than they ever knew about themselves.

Paper Towns. John Green.
Quentin is shocked when his neighbor, Margo, comes to his window shortly before high school graduation to engage in an all-night revenge spree on her fellow popular "friends". But when Margo disappears the next day Q is left with a mystery; she leaves clues for him to follow that point to her disappearance. Can Q unwrap the mystery and uncover the real Margo?

Researched and compiled by S. Gordano, 4/2009

Copyright © 1996-2009 Disclaimer. All rights reserved. Credits.  05.01.15
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