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Please complete the following form to submit your site to The Ocean County Library's Business Link Exchange queue.  The queue is a holding place for sites that are waiting to be reviewed for acceptance into the Link Exchange.  The library reserves the right to accept or reject sites based on its existing policies and procedures. You will be contacted by email with a full explanation.

Business Name*:
Location of Business*:

Site URL*:
Library Barcode*: (All 14 digits of Business Owner's Library Card)
Description: Enter a short description of your site. (Max 200 Characters)

After your submission is confirmed, you will need to proceed to the Code Generator page. You will be able to obtain a customized copy of the Link Exchange code to cut and paste into an appropriate location on your page.

Once the code has been correctly inserted, you need to send an email requesting addition to the Link Exchange.  Your site will then be reviewed and added to the Link Exchange if it meets the required standards.

If you do not insert the code and send an email within three weeks, your site will automatically be removed from the queue rendering any submission to join invalid.  If you are still interested in joining, please resubmit your site.


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