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  1. How do I get a library card?
  2. Does it cost anything to join the library?
  3. How can I apply for a job at the Library?
  4. How much do I owe in overdue fines?

Q: How do I get a library card?

A: Just stop in at any of our Branch Locations. You need to bring proof of Ocean County residence (driver's license, voter's registration card, tax bill) with you. You will need to fill out a registration form. To save time, you may print out a copy of the registration form and fill it out ahead of time.

Q: Does it cost anything to join the library?

A: No. A library card is free of charge to all Ocean County residents excluding those of Beach Haven, students who attend schools in member municipalities, and teachers or librarians who work in schools in member municipalities. Also, anyone who owns a business or home in Ocean County (excluding Beach Haven) is eligible for a free card.
Nonresidents and summer visitors may use in-house materials and services for free and may pay for borrowing privileges:

  • 1 month - $9
  • 2 months - $18
  • 3 months - $27
  • 6 months - $54
  • 9 months - $81
  • 12 months - $108

Q: How can I apply for a job at the Library?

A: Applications for Student Assistants and Library Pages are sent to our Personnel Office. Selections for these positions are made directly from applications received. For all  other positions in the Library, the hiring process is under rules of the New Jersey State Civil Service. For Library Assistants there is an open continuous testing program and applications to take the test can be obtained from the Department of Personnel. Instructions for applying for the test are available via Internet, and the library Information Services staff will assist in obtaining the information needed to apply. For information on employment opportunities for Librarians, click here.

Q: How much do I owe in overdue fines?

A: You can find out whether you owe any fines several ways. First, you can find out by accessing the Library’s online catalog. Click on the link for the Library Catalog. Then click on the Library Catalog link. At the main menu, choose PATRON INFORMATION. Enter your barcode number from the back of your library card and your PIN number, and click on the SUBMIT button. Choose the option, "BLOCKS." It will tell you if you owe any money and on what items. You can also find out by calling the automated Telecirc system. Because we are unable to guarantee its confidentiality, please do not request information about fines via e-mail.

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