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Administrative Liaison
Christine Matteo 

C. Matteo M. Schulman   



M. Brzozwski S. Harrison T. Juarez S. Decker
M. Sassano C. Ciemnecki M. Schulman D. Tralka
J. Roberts J. Olszak C. Burrell  
T. Juarez      
Internal Web Promotion Helpers: 
N. Dowd P. Vitakis K. Falco  

Branch Web & PR Liaisons
Branch Web Liaisons PR Liaisons
Barnegat G. Hayes G. Petrowski
Bay Head Reading Center V. Berkman  
Beachwood S. Busardo C. Stockton
Berkeley L. Feaster A. Parfitt
Brick J. Scro J. Scro
Island Heights H. Emily M. Thompson
Jackson M. Toohey V. Morningstern
Lacey B. Keichline K. Lanzim
Lakewood C. Rodas M. Greenan
Little Egg Harbor E. Regan and K. Erikson M. Penk
Long Beach Island L. English L. English
Manchester J. Smith & K. Bravo L. Hewitt
Plumsted B. Rothlein B. Rothlein
Point Pleasant Beach S. Thompson C. Scarpone
Point Pleasant Borough C. Scarpone S. Thompson
Stafford K. Kierst & C. Meys-Cronin K. Kierst
Toms River C. Zsiga, J. Syphrit, and F. Stein G. Wray
Tuckerton M. Rutkowski A. Choma
Upper Shores R. Oakes R. Oakes
Waretown E. Brewer E. Brewer

Web Contents Contributors

Connections Newsletter   
N. Dowd  M. Scibetta K. Falco  
Printing and Graphics Department Staff    
On-line Calendars
Printing and Graphics Staff, and contributed by Branch PR & Web Liaisons
Calendar of Events, Library News, and Press Releases
by Public Relations & Printing and Graphics Staff, and contributed by Branch PR & Web Liaisons

Primary Menu Pages

About Us: About the Library & Organization Chart by C. Matteo
               Diversity Mission & Plan by C. Finnen & D. Blackwell 
               Awards & Grants by Public Relations Staff & M. Malagiere 
               Building Projects by M. Malagiere & Printing and Graphics Department

Library Catalog & Telecirc by P. Bohning

Recommended Reading by C. Zsiga, L. Siano, M. Gallagher

Online Resources by G. Bourque

Ocean County Resources: Ocean County Information by L. Monroe
                                       Relocating to Ocean County Library by K. Pennell
                                       Transportation in Ocean County by C. Paulson
                                                                       Ocean County Resource Directories by S. Decker, K. Valentino,
                                                                                          & J. Smith
                                       Small Business Handbook

Search the Web by C. Olson

Support the Library: Ocean County Library Foundation & Donations by M. Malagiere
                                     Friends of the Library by V. Bell & Friends Groups of the Library
                                     Volunteer @ the Library by M. Bass
                                     Library Shop by Public Relations Staff

Espanol by C. Finnen & T. Juarez

Volunteering @ OCL by M. Bass

Jobs @ the Library by K. Carr  


Youth Services

Teen Zone by L. Feaster & YA Staff            

Just for Kids:     Biographies - M. Sulikowski 
 English grammar
                      Middle Ages - M. Sulikowski 
                      Native American Indians - D. Majchrzak
                      1st - 6th grade Reading Lists - M. Sulikowski
                      Science Fair Projects -
                      Solar System - J. Schneider
                      State Reports - L. Campbell
                      If you liked Harry Potter - D. Trivett
                      Lemony Snicket Fans' - M. Sulikowski
                      Many Trails- Native American Tales - L. Baldwin
                      Oasis Winds - Stories about the Middle East - L. Baldwin
                      Tales from the Far East - D. Majchrzak  
                      Help! I've got homework!  - E. Weber

Educators by J. Macaluso

Resources for Middle School Teachers by J. Macaluso                   


Link to A Topic

Arts by C. Johnston

African American Resources by K. Pennell
Beach Buzz by C. Finnen Biography by J. Olszak
Black History by K. Pennell Boating Safety by S. Harrison
Buying a Car by S. LaSala  Caregiving and Beyond by S. Stark
Campaign 2004 by E. Cronin Celebrating Diversity by C. Finnen
College and Financial Aid by J. Macaluso  Computers & the Internet by J. Glace
Consumer Information Education: School Resources K-12 by P. Yodowitz
Educators by J. Macaluso & L. Feaster   
E-Mail by C. Borne Espaņol by C. Finnen & Translated by T. Juarez
Federal Government by K. Galya Financial/Investment Information by E. Cronin & C. Gottlieb
Food & Recipes by C. Borne Gardening by D. Kootman
Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transexual by C. Finnen Genealogy by A. Gurka & D. Heyson
Health/Medicine by K. Galya & S. Lewis Hobbies, Crafts & Collectibles by N. Schramm
Holidays & Celebrations by D. Love Income Taxes by C. Borne
Internet Safety Internet Service Providers by C. Borne
Jobs/Careers by J. Syphrit Legal Resources by K. Galya
Libraries on the Web by C. Rodas  Literacy & English as a Second Language by S. Harrison & Translated by T. Juarez
Literary Criticism Magazines & Newspapers by C. Gottlieb
Movies by L. Monroe Music by L. Monroe
NJ Information & History   News by C. Borne  
Parenting by C. Finnen Real Estate by K. Kierst
'Special Seniors by C. Zsiga Shakespeare Online - N. Becks
Small Business ---Handbook by M. Toohey Sports by S. Harrison
Telephone Directories by C. Rodas Travel by J. Ingraham
Weather & Climate by C. Zsiga Web Cams by N. Beeden
Weddings by J. Olszak Where to get rid of it by C. Borne

Special Features

Live Online Help by J. Glace & P. Cadigan  

Special Events/What's Hot/Library Closing Information


Special Thanks

Past Web Helpers and Volunteers

  • C. Matusewicz - Web Master - March 1996 - May 1999

  • C. Rodas - Web Production Team - from May 1999 - August 2000

  • S. Rodas - World Wide Wacky- Link to a Topic page - for the year 2000

  • L. Brown - Art, Genealogy up until 2000

  • R. Shader - Children's Book Reviews up until 2001

  • A. Pattee - Just for Kids

  • B. Kaden - Seniors, E-mail, New Jersey up until 2000

  • S. Stewart (volunteer) - Web site records- Dec 2000 - Feb 2001, Community Profiles May 

  • E. Parker -Small Business & Small Business Handbook up until 2000; also for Hobbies, Crafts & Collectibles

  • J. Santucci - Movies up until 2000

  • K. Macaluso - Adult Book Discussion Schedule 2001

  • J. Carling - Web Master - May 1999 - January 2002

  • K. Carlson - Online Resources, Search the Web - 2001

  • E. Siara - Web Master, July 2002 - October 2002 

  • M. Toohey - Web Team, May 1999- September 2000,  Web Coordinator, September 2000 - January 2003

  • J. Sullivan - Online Calendars, July 2001 - December 2002

  • C. Johnston, L. Feaster, H. Andolsen - Online Resources, January 2001 - February 2003

  • F. Lundgren - Gardening - until June 2003

  • E. Parker - Hobbies, Crafts & Collectibles - until June 2003

  • M. Toohey - News - until June 2003

  • J. Holovack - Reading - until June 2003

  • L. Brown - Ocean County Information & History - until June 2003

  • J. Holovack - Just for Kids: English grammar & Tales from the Far East - until June 2003

  • P. Cadigan - Proofreader - until 2004

  • T. Alberts - Food & Recipes - until 2004

  • M. Gasser – Small Business Handbook, Small Business - until 2004
  • M. Malagiere & E. Weber - ESPA (Elementary School Proficiency Assessment) - until 2004
  • K. Sparks - College & Financial Aid, Consumer Information, Computers & the Internet, Internet Safety, Jobs & Careers, Literary Criticism, Shakespeare Online - until 2004
  • C. Paulson - Editor, Income Taxes, Internet Service Providers, Real Estate, Where to Get Rid of It - until 2004



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