Ocean County Library
Student Film Festival – Sat. April 18, 2015

The deadline for submissions is March 4th, 2015.

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Are you a regional high school student looking for a great outlet to showcase your film work? Well look no further, submit your original film works to be shown at a red-carpet event held Saturday April 18, 2015 in Mancini Hall at the Toms River Branch. If selected you will experience the thrill of your work viewed on a large screen by a supportive audience!

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Submissions are being accepted in the following categories. 
Please note time limitations!

Animation:  LIMIT- 3 min.   A short, illustrated or computer-animated film featuring a story or a plot

Commercial:  LIMIT- 1:30 min.   An advertisement for a product, company, or local business

Documentary:  LIMIT- 5 min.   Surrounding an issue, topic, or person of importance, the film should add value and promote discussion by bringing in new information, identifying unrecognized problems, providing or suggesting new solutions, or offering a unique perspective.

Music Video:  LIMIT- 5 min.   A short film integrating a song and imagery created for artistic purposes. The film should represent the artist’s original work and emphasize the relationship between audio and video. 

News Coverage:  LIMIT- 3 min.   A news segment that brings attention to an important issue ranging from local to global.

OCL Promo:  LIMIT-2 min.  The theme of this year’s competition is 90 Brilliant Years.  The film should draw attention to the 90th Birthday of the Ocean County Library (est. 1925).  Winning film will be featured on the OCL website.

Public Service Announcement (PSA):  LIMIT- 2 min.   A short film that brings to the forefront an important message

School Coverage:
  LIMIT-3 min.  School segment that brings attention to sports, classes and activities.

  LIMIT- 5 min.   Original films that emphasize story & writing.  They should include character development, conflict & resolution with creative storylines that strive to keep the viewer engaged for the full length of the video.  Subcategories include but are not limited to action, adventure, comedy, drama, horror, mockumentary, etc.

Silent Film: 
LIMIT- 5 min.   A film that has no synchronized soundtrack and no spoken dialogue.

LIMIT- 3 min.   An animation technique to make a physically manipulated object appear to move on its own.

So get busy shooting new work or submitting films already created provided that are you are of high school age. 


Please complete the online entry form by Wednesday March 4, 2015.

Each student may submit up to three entries?

About the festival:

Funding for the Ocean County Library Student Film Festival is made possible in part by the Ocean County Library, the Ocean County Cultural and Heritage Commission, the Kiwanis Clubs in Ocean County, the Rotary Club of Toms River, Ocean County Parks & Recreation Department, Entenmann’s Bakery and Starbucks.  Founded in 2006, the OCLSFF gives emerging young filmmakers the opportunity to showcase their work and share their creative talents with our community.  The OCL Student film Festival has proven to be a great instrument in fostering the creativity of our community and connecting library services to regional High Schools.


Please use this online form to submit your film. You must mail entry on DVD and indicate YouTube link on this form.  In addition, please send notification that that application was sent to OCLFilmFest@gmail.com.  

Mail your standard DVD - please send two copies and label discs with your name and the title of the film to:

Arlene Stinziano
OCL Student Film Fest
Ocean County Library
Little Egg Harbor Branch
290 Mathistown Rd.
Little Egg Harbor, NJ 08087


All projects must be original work. Submitted materials will not be returned.


All filmmakers who have been selected for the festival will be notified by late March, 2014. Those whose entries were not selected will not be notified. All films are subject to final approval by the Ocean County Library before screening.


In submitting projects to the Ocean County Library Film Festival, the filmmaker agrees that the film, if selected, may be screened at the festival and be used for publicity and promotional uses by the Ocean County Library. The person submitting the entry form is authorized to enter the project into the Ocean County Library Film Festival. 

For more information on the Ocean County Library Filmmakers Advisory Group, contact:
Emily Mazzoni: Teen Services
Ocean County Library
101 Washington Street
Toms River, NJ • 08753
Phone: 732-349-6200 X. 5202


Why was Ocean County Library interested in hosting a student film festival?  
The Ocean County Library is a strong advocate for the cultural arts in our community and we serve as a prominent venue for artistic expression such as art displays, music recitals, and writing groups. Our library not only serves as storage of information, but most importantly, we are home to visions and stories. We created the Ocean County Library Student Film Festival to celebrate, support and inspire our emerging visionaries and their artistic storytelling.

What is the judging criteria with film submissions?
The Ocean County Library Student Film Festival is open to “student filmmakers” in high school.  Films are accepted in the following genres: animation, stop motion, commercial, documentary, news, sports, commercial, short feature, silent, experimental and music video.   This year there will be a special PSA category, 90 Brilliant Years – the 90th Anniversary or Ocean County Library, where the winner will be featured and promoted on the Library’s website.

The OCL Student Film Festival panel of judges range from librarians, educators, artists, professionals to film enthusiasts When judging the panel looks at the video and audio quality of the film, the technical editing, the visual cinematography, the originality of the piece and finally, if the film achieves its stated goal.  This last element is the deciding factor.  The film must successfully tell its story or achieve its true intention.   The panel also takes in to consideration the various mediums that students use to make their films, especially in the high school environment where not all schools have access to the best equipment.  If the creativity of the piece transcends the technical components it remains a viable contender. 


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