2015 OCL FILM Festival

Toms River Branch, Ocean County Library
Mancini Hall
101 Washington St
Toms River, NJ 08753
(732) 349-6200

Saturday, April 18, 2015 – FREE Admission
* Parking Free on Weekends

Doors Open: 6:00pm for Director Sign-in & Red Carpet Walk
Film Screening: 6:30 pm til 9 pm

Congratulations to the 2015 OCLSFF Student Film Artists!  It was a great year with over 150 submissions and with so many wonderful and creative works submitted it was truly difficult to choose the final selection.  To all NJ High School film artists who submitted - thank you for sharing your creative visions. It was a true pleasure.

Film Schedule:

Love Club
Music Video by Sam Bussel
Jackson Liberty High School
Video made for the song “Love Club” by Lorde

Cattus Island Nature Festival
News Segment by Brittany Osorio
Toms River High School East
A look at the 2014 festival

Responsibility PSA
By Christopher Naples
Pinelands Regional High School
This PSA shows how just a little responsibility can save the lives of the innocent.

Clairvoyant Contingency 
Silent Film by Kaitlin Andreas, Cas Torsiello & Kristin Bell
Warren Hills Regional High School
An experimental short film about someone’s ability to see into the future…but is what she is seeing actually real?

Sprite Commercial
By John Slahor
Jackson Liberty High School

Kathy Snyder: The Documentary
By Nicole Andriani
Southern Regional High School
The irreplaceable Kathy Snyder, who coached field hockey and girls’ basketball at Southern Regional, passed away in January 2014.

A Portal Of Knowledge For 90 Years
OCL Promo by Samantha Tracy
Cherokee High School
The ideas of education and empowerment through books are explored, highlighting highly respected individuals.

 I Spy A Spy
Short Film by Max DeGeorge & Pat Weber
 Communications High School
Two students question the motives of the new girl in town.

New Jersey Young Filmmakers Festival
News Segment by Abby Hofman & Max DiNardo
Middletown High School South
Coverage of the 2014 NJYFF

Experimental by Vivian Lau
Communications High School
A brief exploration of the emotion intrigue

Boys Don’t Cry
Music Video by Kyle Murphy
Middletown HS South
A tale of unrequited love

Colorize the World – Skittles Commercial
By Matt Schwartz
Point Pleasant Borough High School

3 Musketeers
Silent Film by William Rios
Warren Hills Regional High School
Three friends show off their skateboarding skills
Warm Wishes
Stop-Motion by Isabella Olaguera & Connor Duffy
Communications High School  
Three marshmallows come to life and go on an adventure.

Siri Commercial
By Tony Sclafani
Jackson Liberty High School

Music Video by Jillian Enes
Performing Arts Academy
This is a technical/behind-the-scenes music video for the original song written and performed by Olivia Bec, with help from other students and teachers for drum, bass and organ.

The Box Plot
Short Film by Emily Woods
Communications High School
A box is mysteriously left in an open room.  What happens if it’s taken and opened?

OCL 90th Promo
By Matt Youmans
Point Pleasant Borough High School

The Drive
Silent Film by Abby Hofman & Matt King
Middletown High School South
A boyfriend and girlfriend go on a drive that will change their lives.

The Herd
School Coverage by Luke Miller
Southern Regional High School
At basketball games, the student fan section is filled with fun, enthusiastic students in costumes, and creates an awesome atmosphere for the players.

Brick By Boring Brick
Music Video by Orlando Vega
Jackson Liberty High School
A little girl travels through a fantasy world and finds out that the people are not as nice as they seem.

Pass the Rainbow – Skittles Commercial
By Steph Gillow, Kayleigh Henry, Erin Cox & Jess Arevalo
Point Pleasant Borough High School
A group of friends share a bag of Skittles in a unique way.

Documentary by Isabella Olaguera
Communications High School
Mike Cabell, an 18 year old audio engineer expresses his passion for playing and recording music.

Alex Anders Special Report
Short Film by Matt Youmans
Point Pleasant Borough High School
A mockumentary that uses humor to detail one news anchor’s struggle with addiction…to cell phone gaming.




Ray Ban Commercial
By Tony Sclafani
Jackson Liberty High School

Intermission – 10 minutes
Dessert & Coffee Served

Alex From Target
Music Video Parody by Eian Beron
Pinelands Regional High School
Alex Lee was just a normal cashier.  When a picture of him at work went viral, the internet turned this teen into a pop culture celebrity.

Experimental by Cassidy Duncan
Warren Hills Regional High School
Charlotte finds out she has a strange phobia called cleithrophobia.  Throughout the film she has multiple nightmares because of this news.  In the end, her fear comes to life when she finally wakes up.

PSA by John Slahor
Jackson Liberty High School

Out – A Coming Out Documentary
By Tommy Fletcher & Olvia Malesco
Communications High School
Two LGBTQ teenagers share their coming-out stories and how they felt before, during and after their experiences, in hopes that they will help others who are thinking of coming out.

Smoking PSA
By Matt Youmans
Point Pleasant Borough High School

Short Film by Kierin Rogers
Communications High School
Time and aging are explored in this experimental short film.

Animations of the Afternoon
Silent Film by Sean Cuddihy
Middletown High School South
A whiteboard provides an unwitting artist with an unusual power.

Coup de Grace
Music Video by Danielle Gallo & Dylan Tollefson
Cherokee High School
This film outlines the quiet horror of domestic abuse.  The film is set to the song “Trouble” by Halsey.

Jacobs Education Award
School Coverage by Chase Bendik & Maggie Adair
Southern Regional High School
Mrs. Kate Baker, a 9th and 12th grade teacher, won the 2014 Jacob’s Educator Award from Indiana University.  This video showcases how she integrates technology into her everyday teaching. 

Short Film by Tim Connolly, Miles Tilley & Emily Handley
Warren Hills Regional High School
A son makes a brave decision for his parents.

By John Slahor
Jackson Liberty High School

Your Undivided Attention
Short film by Jen Isaksen
Middletown High School  South
Teachers sometimes find it hard to get their students’ attention!

Don’t Forget to Remember Me
Music Video by Laura Torres
Jackson Liberty High School
The bond between mother and daughter is illustrated in this video for Carrie Underwood’s song.

The Key Silent Film by Kierin Rogers
Communications High School
Mayhem ensues when a strange key is discovered.

A Pirate’s Life
Short Film by Isabella Olaguera
Communications High School
A young boy devises a series of steps to become just like the swashbucklers in his book.


AWARDS - Presented at end of program

  1. Audience Choice
  2. Best Animation/Stop Motion
  3. Best Commercial
  4. Best Documentary
  5. Best Experimental
  6. Best Library Promo
  7. Best Music Video
  8. Best Music Video Parody
  9. Best News Coverage
  10. Best PSA
  11. Best School Coverage
  12. Best Short (tie)
  13. Best Short (tie)
  14. Best Short – Honorable Mention
  15. Best Silent Film












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