Are you a New Jersey high school student looking for a great outlet to showcase your film work?
Well, look no further!
Submit your original film works to be shown at a red-carpet event
held in Mancini Hall at the Toms River Branch on April 22nd, 2017.
If selected, you will experience the thrill of your work viewed on a large screen by a supportive audience!

Check out our award winners from 2016!

The deadline for submissions is March 27th, 2017.


All projects must be original work. Maximum of 3 submissions per director. Please insure the overview describes the film’s objective. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR WORK TO ONLY ONE CATEGORY.

Films are evaluated for visual and audio quality, creativity and editing. The Judges look for submissions that are well-paced and tell a good story. The OCL Student Film Festival panel of judges is a group of librarians, educators, artists, film professionals and film enthusiasts When judging the panel looks at the video and audio quality of the film, the technical editing, the visual cinematography, the originality of the piece and finally, if the film achieves its stated goal. This last element is the deciding factor. The film must successfully tell its story or achieve its true intention.

All filmmakers who have been selected for the festival will be notified via email through Film Freeway in April, 2017. All films are subject to final approval by the Ocean County Library before screening.

In submitting projects to the Ocean County Library Film Festival, the filmmaker agrees that the film, if selected, may be screened at the festival and be used for publicity and promotional uses by the Ocean County Library. The person submitting the entry form is authorized to enter the project into the Ocean County Library Film Festival.

The Kiwanis Clubs of Ocean County and the Ocean County Library.

Submissions are being accepted in the following categories (Please note the time limitations!):

An illustrated or computer-animated film featuring a story or a plot. The visual technique provides the illusion of motion by displaying a collection of images in sequence. Limit 3 Minutes.

An advertisement for a company, local business or product. The object is to create an interest in the promotion of the advertisement and should be targeted to the public. Limit 90 Seconds.

Primarily for the purpose of education, instruction or historical record, documentaries cover a broad category of subjects intended to highlight some aspect of reality surrounding an issue, topic, or person of importance. The film should add value and promote discussion by bringing in new information, identifying unrecognized problems, providing or suggesting new solutions, or offering a unique perspective. Limit 5 Minutes.

The film should be characterized by abstract or avant-garde techniques, a poetic approach to a film’s construction, and or the absence of a linear narrative. Limit 5 Minutes.

Music Video:
A film integrating a song and imagery created for artistic purposes. The film should represent the artist's original work and emphasize the relationship between audio and video. Limit 5 Minutes.

News Coverage:
A segment that brings attention to an important issue ranging from local to global. Limit 3 Minutes.

OCL Promo - Life Without the Library:
Create a film, either serious or silly, showing what life would be like without the Ocean County Library. Limit 2 Minutes.

(PSA) Public Service Announcement:
Create a message, with the objective of raising awareness, or changing public attitudes and behavior towards a social issue. Limit 2 Minutes.

School Coverage:
An informational segment about something happening at your school, such as academics, a sporting event, or a play, etc. Limit 3 Minutes.

Short Film - Comedy / Drama / Horror:
The film must be an original that emphasizes a story. It should include character development, conflict and resolution with creative storylines that strive to keep the viewer engaged during the entire film. Limit 5 Minutes.

Silent Film:
A film that contains no synchronized soundtrack and no spoken dialogue. It should emphasize a story. It should include character development, conflict and resolution with creative storylines that strive to keep the viewer engaged for the full length of the film. Subcategories include but are not limited to comedy, drama, and horror. Limit 5 Minutes.

Stop Motion / Claymation:
Cinematographic technique in which successive positions of objects (as clay models) are photographed to produce the appearance of movement. Limit 3 Minutes.

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