• My Wild Garden: Notes From a Writer's Eden

    By Meir Shalev

    892.48 Shal

    OverDrive: eBook

    On the perimeter of Israel's Jezreel Valley, with the Carmel mountains rising up in the west, Meir Shalev has a beloved garden, "neither neatly organized nor well kept," as he cheerfully explains. Often covered in mud and scrapes, Shalev cultivates both nomadic plants and "house dwellers," using his own quirky techniques.

  • All New Square Foot Gardening: More Projects, New Solutions, Grow Vegetables Anywhere

    By Mel Bartholomew

    635 Bart

    OverDrive: eBook

    This book provides information about setting up a square-foot garden and includes over 150 photos and illustrations. Perfect for experienced or beginner gardeners.

  • The Kinfolk Garden

    By John Burns

    712.6 Burn

    hoopla: eBook

    Anchored around the idea of nature as nourishment, The Kinfolk Garden explores lush gardens and plant filled homes around the world and introduces the inspiring people who coax them into bloom. Through visits to friends old and new, the Kinfolk team learns the secrets to a good garden, and what good a garden can do for our self-care, creativity and communities.

  • Life in the Garden

    By Penelope Lively (B Live)

    Penelope Lively has always been a keen gardener. This book is partly a memoir of her own life in gardens: the large garden at home in Cairo where she spent most of her childhood, her grandmother's garden in a sloping Somerset field, then two successive Oxfordshire gardens of her own, and the smaller urban garden in the North London home she lives in today.

  • Uprooted: a Gardener Reflects on Beginning Again

    By Page Dickey

    635.951 Dick

    hoopla: eBook, eAudiobook

    When Page Dickey moved away from her celebrated garden at Duck Hill, she left a landscape she had spent thirty-four years making, nurturing, and loving. She found her next chapter in northwestern Connecticut, on 17 acres of rolling fields and woodland around a former Methodist church. In Uprooted, Dickey reflects on this transition and on what it means for a gardener to start again.

  • The Last Garden in England

    By Julia Kelly

    Fic Kell, Q Kell

    OverDrive: eBook, eAudiobook

    The Last Garden in England by Julia Kelly is captivating historical fiction, which takes place in a country well known for its beautiful gardens. The plot unwinds over three different time-periods: 1907, 1944, and present day. Secrets will slowly begin to unravel and a century of events lead Emma Lovett to understand the history of the old gardens she is currently trying to restore, and find kinship with the lives of the women who were associated with the estate gardens in times past.

  • The Heirloom Garden

    By Viola Shipman

    Fic Ship, Q Ship

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    hoopla: eBook

    Iris Maynard lost her husband in World War II, her daughter to illness and, finally, her reason to live. Walled off from the world for decades behind the towering fence surrounding her home, Iris has built a new family...of flowers. Iris propagates her own daylilies and roses while tending to a garden filled with the heirloom starts that keep the memories of her loved ones alive. The story, with glorious floral prose describing the different flowers from each season tells not only their own story, but also the stories of each character.

  • Succulents and All Things Under Glass: Ideas and Inspiration for Indoor Gardens

    By Isabelle Palmer (635.965 Palm)

    Small-space gardening expert Isabelle Palmer shows you how to use succulents and other plants to create trendy terrariums and gorgeous indoor garden designs, and how to grow under glass, with helpful advice and techniques, as well as handy tips for taking care of your new house plants.

  • Mastering the Art of Flower Gardening: a Gardener’s Guide to Growing Flowers, From Today’s Favorites to Unusual Varieties

    By Matt Mattus

    635.9 Matt

    hoopla: eBook

    This gorgeously illustrated book by Matt Mattus is based on decades of first-hand experience in his own garden—every variety or cultivar presented is one that he has personally tested and grown. Mattus sets you up for success by first providing everything you need to know about starting seeds, soil, sowing, transplanting, plugs, growing on, cutting, and saving seed. Find tips for growing over 100 different annuals from seed and 12 types of spring and summer bulbs—all based on his hands-on experience, going beyond the information available on the seed packet.

  • The Victory Garden

    By Rhys Bowen (Fic Bowe, Q Bowe)

    Set in 1918, towards the end of "the war to end all wars" the story tells of the trials and tribulations of 21 year old, Emily Bryce. The moment she comes of age, Emily leaves her home, becomes engaged to an Australian fighter pilot and joins the Land Army. Emily volunteers to tend the neglected grounds of a Devonshire estate where she finds inspiration and support in an herbalist's long-forgotten journals.

  • Gardening Your Front Yard: Projects and Ideas for Big & Small Spaces

    By Tara Nolan

    635 Nola

    hoopla: eBook

    This beautiful and comprehensive hardcover book shows how to accomplish several hardscape projects, such as building front patios, borders, edging, and walkways, as well as making your own raised beds, planting containers, trellises, rose arbors, privacy screens, and more—all custom-designed for the rigors of front-yard gardening.

  • How to Create Your Garden

    By Adam Frost (712.6 Fros)

    Starting right at the beginning, Adam Frost takes you step-by-step through the whole process, inspiring you with simple garden design ideas to tackle a full garden makeover or a simple revamp of just one part of your garden, perhaps a tired herbaceous border, a neglected vegetable patch, the patio, or a water feature.