• Overboard!

    By Terry Lynn Johnson (J John)

    Part of the “Survivor Diaries” series. A capsized boat in freezing waters. A whale-watching expedition gone wrong. Will Travis and Marina make it back to land?

  • The Long Winter

    By Laura Ingalls Wilder (J Wild)

    The Ingalls are trapped in their prairie home during terrible blizzards, with little food and heat. No trains can make it through the snow. They must be brave, and ingenious to survive.

  • Julie of the Wolves

    By Jean Craighead George (J Geor)

    She is lost in the wilds of Alaska. Without food, every day is a struggle- until she’s accepted by Arctic wolves, who help her see ways to survive.

  • The Cay

    By Theodore Taylor (J Tayl)

    Left blind by a head injury sustained when the ship he is on is torpedoed by the Germans, Philip must rely on an elderly West Indian man.

  • Treasure Island

    By Robert Louis Stevenson (J Stev)

    Arrrgh! A true classics. Pirates, islands, treasure. Meet Long John Silver and Jim Hawkins for one of the most rollicking stories, ever.

  • The Door in the Wall

    By Marguerite DeAgneli (J DeAn)

    Set in Medieval times, young Robyn‘s destiny was to become a knight, but an illness has taken away the use of his legs. Rescued by a monk, Robyn overcomes adversity through inner strength and courage.

  • The Wind in the Willows

    By Erin Kenneth Grahame (J Grah)

    Rat, Mole, and Toad join forces on a trip through the countryside. Join three very different friends as they travel by car and boat- and find a bit of trouble.

  • Johnny Tremain

    By Esther Hoskins Forbes (J Forb)

    Johnny is an apprentice to a silversmith when a terrible accident burns his hand. Having to change his job and way of life, Johnny becomes involved with Boston colonists rebelling against the British.

  • Tuck Everlasting

    By Natalie Babbit (J Babb)

    Would you want to live forever? The Tuck family has no choice- they’ve drunk water from a magical spring, and now must find ways not to draw unwanted attention. Winnie discovers this secret- but someone else has, too.

  • Ali Cross

    By James Patterson (J Patt)

    Book 1 in the series. Ali Cross must be like his father, FBI agent Alex Cross, and become a super sleuth in order to find his missing best friend, Abraham.