Temporary Hours:
Toms River, Barnegat, Berkeley, Brick, Jackson, Lacey, Lakewood, Little Egg Harbor, Long Beach Island, Manchester, Plumsted, Point Boro, Stafford and Upper Shores branches will be open:
Monday through Thursday 10am – 2pm, and 3pm to 7pm
Friday and Saturday 10am – 2pm

Bay Head, Beachwood, Island Heights, Point Beach, Tuckerton, Waretown and Whiting branches will be open:
Monday 10am – 2pm, and 3pm – 7pm
Tuesday through Saturday 10am – 2pm

The Stafford Branch will reopen at 3PM today, Tuesday, August 11, 2020.

  • Niagara Falls, or Does It?

    By Henry Winkler (J Wink)

    Fourth-graders Hank, Ashley, and Frankie are preparing for a magic show at the Rock 'N Bowl when Hank's alternative to an English essay lands him in detention and grounded.


  • Kit Feeny: On the Move

    By Michael Townsend (J Town)

    When plucky Kit Feeny moves to a new town, he immediately makes an enemy of the school bully.


  • Dork Diaries

    By Rachel Renee Russell ()

    Fourteen-year-old Nikki Maxwell writes in her diary of her struggle to be popular at her explusive new private school.


  • Big Nate: In a Class By Himself

    By Lincoln Peirce (J Peir)

    Supremely confident middle school student Nate Wright manages to make getting detention from every one of his teachers in the same day seem like an achievement.


  • Amelia's Notebook

    By Marissa Moss (J Moss)

    The hand-lettered contents of a nine-year-old girl's notebook, in which she records her thoughts and feelings.


  • Popularity Papers

    By Amy Ignatow (J Igna)

    Two best friends embark on a project to study the behavior of the popular girls at their elementary school.


  • Please Write in This Book

    By Mary Amato (J Amat)

    When Ms. Wurtz leaves a blank book in the Writer's Corner with a note encouraging those who find it to "talk to each other," the students' entries spark a classroom-wide battle.


  • Dear Dumb Diary: Let's Pretend This Never Happened

    By Jim Benton (J Bent)

    In her diary, middle school student Jamie Kelly describes her life at home and at school, including her attempts to triumph over her nemesis, the beautiful and popular Angeline.