• The World is not a rectangle: a portrait of Zaha Hadid

    By Jeannette Winter (EB Hadi)

    Zaha Hadid was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1950, and dreamed of becoming an architect when still a young girl. This simple picture book details her life, and includes famous building projects throughout the world by Hadid.


  • Marie Curie

    By Maria Isabel (EB Curi)

    This brief, illustrated biography covers the life of two-time Nobel winning scientist, Marie Curie. Born in Poland, she went to study in Paris at the Sorbonne. Includes a timeline and photos of the physicist and her husband, Pierre, with whom she discovered radium and polonium.


  • Charles Darwin’s Around the World Adventure

    By Jennifer Thermes (JB Darw)

    Features the story of Charles Darwin’s travels on the HMS Beagle from England to the Galapagos Islands. Filled with maps and illustrations of the animals Darwin encountered on his 5-year adventure, this biography is suitable for Kindergarten through Grade 3.


  • Serena Williams: Tennis Star

    By Kristen Rajczak Nelson (JB Will)

    Superstar tennis player Serena Williams, like her sister Venus, is a world-class athlete. Filled with photos, fun facts, and timelines, this 24-page biography is a good introduction to this Olympic gold medalist.


  • Jack London and the Klondike Gold Rush

    By Peter Lourie (JB Lond)

    A different kind of biography, focusing solely on the time writer Jack London (Call of the Wild, White Fang), spent in the Klondike panning for gold. Packed with fascinating photos, this will take you back in time to when the USA was gripped by “gold fever,” and many adventurers dreamed of striking it rich.


  • Benjamin Franklin’s Wise Words

    By K.M. Kostyal (JB Fran)

    Benjamin Franklin was a politician, an inventor, a businessman, and a philanthropist. This biography explores some of his activities during his long life. Each chapter begins with a famous Franklin quote, and gives advice for leading a productive, successful life.


  • Who was Beatrix Potter?

    By Sarah Fabiny (JB Pott)

    Beatrix dreamed of being a scientist and illustrator, but because she was female she couldn’t participate in scientific societies. She focused instead on storytelling and illustrating what she wrote-- producing the much loved Peter Rabbit stories. Part of the popular “Who was…?” series, it includes timelines, and a list of her published books.


  • Who is Stevie Wonder?

    By Jim Gigliotti (JB Wond)

    As an infant, Stevie lost his ability to see. He went on to develop talents that made him famous: singing, song writing, and playing the piano. There is a timeline of his life, a timeline of world events, and a bibliography for further reading.