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  • The Maid

    By Nita Prose (M Pros, QM Pros, PLAY M Pros, eBook, eAudiobook)

    When she discovers the dead body of the infamous and wealthy Charles Black in his suite, hotel maid Molly Gray finds her orderly life upended as she becomes the prime suspect in the case and is caught in a web of deception that she has no idea how to unravel.

  • The Verifiers

    By Jane Pek (M Pek, eBook, eAudiobook)

    Stealth-recruited by Veracity, a referral-only online-dating detective agency, Claudia breaks protocol to investigate when a client disappears and uncovers a maelstrom of personal and corporate deceit.

  • The Night Shift

    By Alex Finlay (Fic Finl, Q Finl, PLAY Fic Finl, eBook, eAudiobook)

    When four teenage girls are attacked at an ice cream shop in Linden, New Jersey, and only one makes it out alive, which is similar to a case in 1999, an FBI agent must delve into the secrets of both crimes -- stirring up memories of teen love and lies -- to uncover the truth.

  • The Violin Conspiracy

    By Brendan Slocumb (Fic Sloc, Q Sloc, eBook, eAudiobook)

    Ray McMillian loves playing the violin more than anything, and nothing will stop him from pursuing his dream of becoming a professional musician. Then with the international Tchaikovsky Competition-the Olympics of classical music-fast approaching, his prized family heirloom is stolen. Ray is determined to get it back.

  • Nine Lives

    By Peter Swanson (Fic Swan, Q Swan, PLAY Fic Swan, eBook, eAudiobook)

    When nine people, including FBI agent Jessica Winslow, receive a cryptic list with their names on it, they dismiss it as a joke, until bad things start happening, prompting Jessica to find the link that binds them all together to expose a murderous madman.

  • The Overnight Guest

    By Heather Gudenkauf (Fic Gude, Q Gude, CD Fic Gude, eBook, eAudiobook)

    True crime writer Wylie Lark, snowed in at an isolated farmhouse where she’s retreated to write her new book, finds a small child in the snow outside and, bringing him inside for warmth and safety, learns that the farmhouse isn’t as isolated as she thought.

  • Fox Creek

    By William Kent Krueger (M Krue, eBook, eAudiobook)

    Cork O'Conner tries to find his wife who had accompanied a mysterious stranger on a visit the ancient Ojibwe healer Henry Meloux before a group of mercenaries can in the latest novel of the series following Desolation Mountain.

  • All Good People Here

    By Ashley Flowers (M Flow, QM Flow, eBook, eAudiobook)

    Twenty years after a fellow six-year-old was abducted and murdered, Margot returns to Wakarusa, Indiana, and is shocked when another child similarly goes missing in the debut novel from the host of the popular true crime podcast, Crime Junkie.

  • The Paris Apartment

    By Lucy Foley (Fic Fole, Q Fole, CD Fic Fole, eBook, eAudiobook)

    Arriving in Paris to stay with her brother, Ben, Jess learns that he has gone missing, and to find him, starts digging into his life, realizing, even though she has come to the City of Lights to escape her past, it's his future hanging in the balance.

  • A Flicker in the Dark

    By Stacy Willingham (Fic Will, Q Will, PLAY Fic Will, eBook, eAudiobook)

    Twenty years after her father was arrested as a serial killer, Louisiana psychologist Chloe Davis becomes alarmed when local teenage girls once again go missing and she begins seeing parallels that may or may not be there.