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  • Book Lovers

    By Emily Henry (Fic Henr, Q Henr, eBook, eAudiobook)

    Literary agent Nora Stephens’ finally gives in to a much needed girls trip to Sunshine Falls, North Carolina with her sister. But instead of small town picnics and country life, Nora runs into Charlie Lastra, another editor from back in the city. It would be cute except their run-ins never are.


  • Every Summer After

    By Carley Fortune (Fic Fort, Q Fort, eBook, eAudiobook)

    Persephone Fraser and Sam Florek were inseparable – spending six summers together in Sam’s family’s restaurant. While their friendship turned into something more, it eventually fell apart. When Percy returns to Sam’s mother’s funeral she is forced to confront what she has always deemed the biggest mistake of her life.


  • Things We Never Got Over

    By Lucy Score (Fic Scor)

    Naomi didn’t just run away from her wedding. She ran to help her estranged twin in Virginia. But when her sister leaves her with nothing but a niece to take care of, she must figure it out. That means taking a job as a bartender for bearded, bad-boy Knox.


  • Reminders of Him

    By Colleen Hoover (Fic Hoov, Q Hoov, CD Fic Hoov)

    This heartbreaking story gives a young mother a shot at redemption after serving five years in prison for a terrible mistake. Brenna wants nothing more to reunite with her daughter and fix the bridges she hopes are not burned for good.

  • Hook, Line, and Sinker

    By Tessa Bailey (Fic Bail, eBook, eAudiobook)

    Fisherman Fox Thornton has a reputation for being a flirt. When his best friend Hannah comes to town for work, she needs a place to stay and crashes in his spare bedroom. Living with your best friend should be easy, but what if they are more?

  • Love on the Brain

    By Ali Hazelwood (Fic Haze, Q Haze, eBook)

    Bee is given the lead of a major project from NASA. This would be great except she has to work side by side with Levi Ward, her archenemy from graduate school. When her things start to go wrong, it is Levi who seems to be supporting her the most.


  • The Wedding Crasher

    By Mia Sosa (Fic Sosa, Q Sosa, eBook, eAudiobook)

    Solange Pereira is just about to leave DC for good, she finds herself helping her wedding planner cousin with a big day. But when she finds the groom about to make the biggest mistake of her life, what is she to do?


  • Something Wilder

    By Christina Lauren (Fic Laur, eBook, eAudiobook)

    Leo Grady finds himself running into his first and only love when he decides to take a trip to the red rock canyons and Lily Wilder is his tour guide. While Leo wants nothing more than to reconnect, Lily is all business.


  • A Cosmic Kind of Love

    By Samantha Young (Fic Youn)

    When Hallie Goodman stumbles upon videos from an astronaut on the International Space Station, she can’t help watch Christopher Ortiz and his content. But when he returns home from a trip on the space station, he finds her emails and video diaries that she assumed he would never actually see.


  • The Roughest Draft

    By Emily Wibberley (Fic Wibb, eBook, eAudiobook)

    Although Katrina and Nathan have co-written many bestsellers, their partnership ended on unpleasant terms. However, their contract requires them to finish one more book together and so they travel to a small Florida town and hope to quickly and quietly finish their work – a romance novel.


  • Weather Girl

    By Rachel Lynn Solomon (Fic Solo, Q Solo, eBook, eAudiobook)

    TV meteorologist Ari and sports reporter Russell team up to try to fix their bosses’ relationship problems. As they push the couple together through secret gifts and double dates, they realize the chemistry might actually be between them.


  • By Any Other Name

    By Lauren Kate (Fic Kate, eBook, eAudiobook)

    Romance editor Lanie is rocking her career. But when she is asked to take on the mysterious author Noa Calloway, she has her work cut out for her. How hard could curing his writer’s block be? Especially when his secrets will question everything she thought she knew.


  • The Boy with the Bookstore

    By Sarah Smith (Fic Smit)

    Joelle has had a crush on her bakery’s neighboring bookstore owner, Max for over a year. When their building gets a renovation, she imagines combining their businesses (and their relationship). The grumpy man might not agree, but Joelle believes there is a soft heart underneath all those tattoos.


  • Ship Wrecked

    By Olivia Dade (Fic Dade, eBook, eAudiobook

    Maria left her one-night-stand without a word. When he reappears as the co-star of her new show, she realizes she still wants him. Filming on remote a Irish island would be more fun that way. However, he wants nothing to do with her – or so he tells himself.

  • The Dead Romantics

    By Ashley Poston (Fic Post, eBook, eAudiobook)

    For a decade, romance ghostwriter Florence Day has run from the hometown where she felt misunderstood. After receiving terrible news, she must return home. It’s here a ghost from her past comes back and challenges everything she thought she knew about romance.

  • Runaway Groomsman

    By Meghan Quinn (Fic Quin)

    Screenwriter Sawyer Castle needs to lie low after the media watches him run away from his friend and ex-girlfriend’s wedding. He meets struggling business owner Fallon Long when he finds himself staying in her cabins. While she thinks he is another Hollywood hack, he is determined to prove her wrong.