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Adopt-A-Shelf Volunteer
Book Reviewer
Clerical Support
English Conversation Group Leader
Home Borrowers Service Volunteers
Volunteer Recognition Program

Adopt A Shelf Volunteer

Objective:  To assist library paid staff by “reading” a designated area of book shelves.


1.  To “read” (meaning to place items in correct Dewey Decimal order and check for out-of-order items) shelves.

2.  To pick up books and other materials left on tables and incorrectly shelved and place them on the shelving carts.

3.  To straighten books on shelves by bringing them to the front of shelves and tightening the book ends.


1.  Must be patient and detail oriented.
2.  Must be able to stand and squat repeatedly.
3.  Must work well with staff.
4.  Must work well independently.

Training: Staff will provide a general tour of the library.  A thorough explanation of duties with regard to shelf reading, straightening and organizing materials will be given by the Volunteer Liaison as will general inhouse volunteer information.

Commitment:  A commitment of at least 6 months is requested.

Supervision:  Branch Volunteer Liaison

Location:  all locations

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Book Reviewer

Position Overview and Impact:  To give people, ages 12 and older, a unique opportunity to volunteer, possibly at home and at the volunteer’s convenience.  To provide mini-reviews of Library materials which may be posted online or in paper form.  To share opinions of Library materials with others.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. To read and review Ocean County Library materials
  2. To recommend favorite books and other materials to friends.
  3. Reports hours worked to the Volunteer Liaison.


  1. Enjoys reading and writing.
  2. Must be able to work independently.
  3. Has a basic knowledge of genres.
  4. Is agreeable to having reviews edited.
  5. Is agreeable to having reviews distributed electronically and in paper form.


  1. Tour of the library, if needed.
  2. One half hour training (covering the forms and guidelines).

Time Commitment: Hours vary per review (reading book, writing review, etc.)

Length of Commitment: A commitment of at least 10 hours is expected.

Supervision:  Volunteer Liaison or designee.

Location:  Any branch library

Additional Opportunity:  Reviewers may apply to become members of the Book Review Editorial Committee.  See the Volunteer Liaison for further information.

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Clerical Support

Objective: To enter information on the computer or aid copying and collation of materials.


  1. Enters information pertaining to clubs and organizations into computer.
  2. Helps copying and collation of materials for staff.
  3. Directs all informational questions to library staff.
  4. Should possess maturity and the ability to work independently.


  1. Tour of the library facility.
  2. Training will also be supplemented by assigning the volunteer to work closely with a paid staff member.

 Up to 10 hours per week.

 A commitment of at least 6 months is requested.


Location:  any library location

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English Conversation Group Leader

Position Overview and Impact:  To give new speakers of English practice in English conversation skills.  To make a positive impact on people’s ability to communicate well.

Key Responsibilities: 

  1. Lead or co-lead a group of 6 to 12 participants who presently speak English at a rudimentary level but want to practice and improve their conversation skills
  2. Guides their group to choose topics of interest with support from Library staff and using Easy English News as a basic guide
  3. Work with Library staff to book meeting space, promote Library materials and refer participants to proper staff or to out-of-library resources

            1.  Fluent in English (all sessions are conducted in English)
            2.  Willingness to help people of diverse backgrounds

  1. Commitment to meeting on a regular basis with group

Training:  basic information about volunteers, introduction to staff
                   1 1/2 hour training in leading English Conversation Groups

Time Commitment:  one to one and a half hour class with students, usually every week

Length of Commitment:  at least six months

Supervisor:  Volunteer Liaison or designee

Location:  any branch, based on availability of tutors and needs of community

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Home Borrowers Service Volunteers

Position Overview and Impact:  To provide service to life care center residents.  To share a love
                        of reading with customers.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Select materials appropriate for customer.
  2. Have Library materials checked out to the customer’s card.
  3. Keep accurate records of materials borrowed by customer.
  4. Deliver materials to the life care center.
  5. Return materials to the Library.
  6. Refer customer’s special needs to appropriate resources (library reference desk, circulation desk, etc.)


  1. Interest in serving the needs of life care center residents.
  2. Possesses a valid New Jersey driver’s license, receives county license abstract clearance, and has access to an insured car.


  1. General knowledge of Ocean County Library Volunteer program.
  2. Skills necessary to locate materials on the Public Access Catalog.
  3. Skills necessary to place holds for customers and to keep accurate records.
  4. Familiarization with large print books and books on tape.
  5. Familiarization with life care center procedures.
  6. Acceptance of the Volunteer-Library Agreement.
  7. Familiarization with Reader’s Advisory information.

Time Commitment: 4 to 5 hours per nursing home at three-week intervals.

Length of Commitment: A commitment of at least 6 months is required.

Supervision:  Staff of Homebound and Volunteer Services, with assistance from local branch.

Location: system-wide                      

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Volunteer Recognition Program

Recognition is one way the Ocean County Library
Says “Thank You.”  We honor our Volunteers
In the following ways: 





Available with Volunteer Liaison’s Recommendation

Six Months of Consecutive Service


At branches, supported with system funds in the month of April

All currently active adult  volunteers who have provided 25 hours of service in the last 12 months


Annually:  At social

200 hours


Annually:  At social

300 hours


Annually:  At social

400 hours


Annually:  At social

500 hours


Annually:  At social

10 years


As Earned – see chart


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