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October 20, 2020 Library Commission Meeting Notice

  • In Real Life

    By Cory Doctorow (YA Doct)

    Anda loves playing the MMORPG Coarsegold Online. It’s a place where she can be a hero and meet people from all over the world. Andra always plays by the rules, but her gaming views start shifting when one she befriends a gold farmer.


  • Daniel X. Game Over

    By James Patterson (YA Patt)

    Daniel X is one of the planet’s greatest superheroes. Now his mission is to stop evil, shape-shifting aliens that are about to launch an addictive mind controlling game.


  • Level Up

    By Gene Yuen Lang (YA Lang)

    Dennis Ouyang loves spending his days playing video games, but is also trying to get into medical school after the death of his father. Which path in life is the one that will make him happy?


  • Guy in Real Life

    By Steven Brezenoff (YA Brez)

    Lesh likes online gaming and metal, Svetlana likes embroidery and being a Dungeon Master. Can the worlds of video gaming and table top gaming come together to support their budding friendship? 


  • Nerve

    By Jeanne Ryan (YA Ryan)

    When Vee decides to play an anonymous online game of dares to win prizes it’s an adrenaline rush. But what was fun quickly turns scary as the dares get increasingly dangerous. Will she come out a winner, or lose her life?


  • Game on! 2019: The Only Gaming Annual You Need!

    By Jon White (J794.8 Game)

    The most comprehensive guide to games, youtube stars, and tech. Includes exclusive interviews with streamers and game developers.


  • Deadly Pink

    By Vivian Vande Velde (YA Vand)

    Grace rushes against the clock to save her sister from a virtual reality game that feeds directly into the brain through electrodes. Can she persuade her sister to come back to the real world, before the virtual one kills her?


  • Otherworld

    By Jason Segel (YA Sege)

    Simon thought that Otherworld, a new virtual reality, was just a game. So, what will he do when he figures out it’s actually the next phase of reality and his friend has been kidnapped? How far into the game will he go to save her?


  • Girl Code: Gaming, Going Viral, and Getting it Done

    By Andrea Gonzales (YA 005.1 Gonz)

    Teenage game makers who created Tampon Run share their experience working at Girls Who Code. Showcases women in tech jobs and provides instruction for girls in how to get started with coding.

  • The State of Play

    By Dan Goldberg (794.8 Stat​​​​​​​)

    Video game creators, media critics, and internet celebrities who consider themselves gamers discuss the way digital and real lives collide through video game culture.


  • Josh Baxter Levels Up

    By Gavin Brown​​​​​​​ (J Brow)

    Middle schooler Josh Baxter has changed schools for the third time in two years. His one constant is his video games, but when his grades plummet those games get taken away. Can he get his life back on track and get back in the game?


  • Firewall

    By Sean Rodman​​​​​​​ (YA Rodm)

    When Josh’s parents divorce and he’s forced to move he loses himself in the game Killswitch. While playing he discovers a mod that creates a version of the game that reproduces his new town. But when strange things start happening in game, is it possible they’re connected to real life events?


  • Fortnite: The Ultimate Unauthorized Guide

    By Grant Turner​​​​​​​ (793.93 Turn)

    This guide takes you from the basics to the pro level game play of the popular game Fortnite. You’ll learn how to find the best items, learn the best battle strategies, and learn how to build the perfect base.


  • The Big Book of Building: Everything Minecraft, Imagine it- Create it- Build it

    By Triumph Books (794.8 Big)

    Learn the newest trainings, tools, and abilities to help you master the game of Minecraft. This book offers everything from basic overviews to advanced farming, mining, and building techniques.