• Careers in Online Gaming

    By Jamie Poolos (YA 794.8023 Pool)

    The gaming industry has exploded in the past decade. Online gaming is positioned to take this industry to the next level – social gaming, designing games, and the need for software engineers.

    Lexile: N/A, F&P: N/A, MS/HS


  • Plants vs. Meats: The Health, History, and Ethics of What We Eat

    By Meredith Sayles Hughes (YA 641.5636 Hugh)

    Many people are examining nutritional advice and choosing to eat more vegetables and fruits, and less meat. People make food choices for ethical and religious reasons, and are seeking out foods grown locally and organically.

    Lexile: N/A, F&P: N/A, MS/HS


  • Yoga for Your Mind and Body: A Teenage Practice for a Healthy, Balanced Life

    By Rebecca Rissman (YA 613.7046 Riss)

    Presents yoga techniques and poses to promote brain power, stress relief, strength, and fitness.

    Lexile: HL800L, F&P: N/A, HS


  • Game Seven

    By Paul Volponi (YA Volp)

    A sixteen-year-old shortstop in Cuba who dreams of playing with the pros must choose between his country and his father.

    Lexile: HL770L, F&P: N/A, MS/HS


  • Betting Game

    By Heather M. O'Connor (YA Ocon)

    Jack's a star player on an elite soccer team. The Lancers are on top of the league, favored to win the National Championship. But the game is about to change. A slick bookie wins Jack's friendship and introduces him to illegal betting.

    Lexile: HL340L, F&P: Y, HS


  • This Way Home

    By Wes Moore (YA Moor)

    Elijah, seventeen, has always been sure of just one thing--basketball--and believes it’s his way out of West Baltimore. When gang violence knocks him down, helping a veteran repair his rickety home helps Elijah see what really matters.

    Lexile: HL640L, F&P: N/A, HS


  • Hit Count

    By Chris Lynch (YA Lync)

    Arlo Brodie loves being at the heart of the action on the football field. While his dad cheers him on, his mother quotes head injury statistics and refuses to watch, but Arlo's winning plays, the cheering crowds, and the adrenaline rush are enough to convince him that everything is OK.

    Lexile: 830L, F&P: N/A, HS


  • Losers Take All

    By David Klass (YA Klas)

    At a sports-crazy NJ high school where all kids must play on a team, a group of rebels start a soccer team designed to undermine the school’s jock-culture.

    Lexile: 890L, F&P: N/A, MS/HS


  • Sword Art Online: Aincrad

    By Reki Kawahara (YA Kawa)

    In the year 2022, gamers rejoice as Sword Art Online - a VRMMORPG (Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) like no other - debuts. But when the game goes live, the elation of the players quickly turns to horror as they discover that, for all its amazing features, SAO is missing one of the most basic functions of any MMORPG - a log-out button.

    Lexile: N/A, F&P: N/A, MS/HS


  • Slam Dunk Vols. 1-31

    By Takehiko Inoue (YA Inou)

    Hanamichi Sakuragi's got no game with girls -- none at all! All that changes when he meets the girl of his dreams, Haruko. When she introduces him to basketball, his life is changed forever.

    Lexile: N/A, F&P: N/A, MS/HS


  • See No Color

    By Shannon Gibney (YA Gibn)

    Alex has always identified herself as a baseball player, and the daughter of a winning coach. When she realizes that is not enough, she begins to come to terms with her adoption and her race.

    Lexile: 780L, F&P: N/A, MS/HS


  • The Walk On

    By John Feinstein (YA Fein)

    After moving to a new town, high school freshman Alex Myers is happy to win a varsity quarterback spot but must deal with not playing for two years since the first-string quarterback isn’t just a local hero, he’s also the head coach’s son.

    Lexile: N/A, F&P: X, MS


  • Guy in Real Life

    By Steve Brezenoff (YA Brez)

    The lives of two Minnesota teenagers are intertwined through the world of role-playing games.

    Lexile: N/A, F&P: N/A, HS