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  • Zeroboxer

    By Fonda Lee (YA Lee)

    As seventeen-year-old Carr 'the Raptor' Luka rises to fame in the weightless combat sport of zeroboxing, he learns a devastating secret that jeopardizes not only his future in the sport, but interplanetary relations.

    Lexile: 870



  • Carve the Mark

    By Veronica Roth (YA Roth)

    Living on a violent planet where everyone develops a unique power meant to shape the future, Akos and Cyra, youths from enemy nations, resent gifts that render them vulnerable to others' control before they become unlikely survival partners.

    Lexile: 780



  • Warcross

    By Marie Lu (YA Lu)

    After hacking into the Warcross Championships' opening game to track illegal betting, bounty hunter Emika Chen is asked by the game's creator to go undercover to investigate a security problem, and she uncovers a sinister plot.

    Lexile: 810



  • Defy the Stars

    By Claudia Gray (YA Gray)

    Teenaged soldier Noemi and an enemy robot, Abel, who is programmed to obey her commands, set out on an interstellar quest to save her home planet, Earth colony Genesis.

    Lexile: 830



  • Illuminae

    By Amie Kaufman (YA Kauf)

    The planet Kerenza is attacked, and Kady and Ezra find themselves on a space fleet fleeing the enemy, while their ship's artificial intelligence system and a deadly plague may be the end of them all.

    Lexile: 780



  • Invictus

    By Ryan Graudin (YA Grau)

    A group of time-traveling teens races through history to try to stop time and the multiverse from unraveling.

    Lexile: N/A



  • The Evaporation of Sofi Snow

    By Mary Weber (YA Webe)

    Seventeen-year-old Sofi battles behind the scenes of Earth's Fantasy Fighting arena helping her younger brother, Shilo, and when a bomb destroys part of the arena, she dreams Shilo survives on the forbidden ice-planet.

    Lexile: N/A



  • Shadow Run

    By AdriAnne Strickland (YA Stri)

    The captain of a starship and a prince are forced to revise their ideas of family and loyalty, with the fate of their worlds hanging in the balance.

    Lexile: 870



  • The Thousandth Floor

    By Katharine McGee (YA McGe)

    A hundred years in the future, New York is a city of innovation and dreams. But people never change: everyone here wants something…and everyone has something to lose.

    Lexile: 830



  • Grasshopper Jungle: A History

    By Andrew Smith (YA Smit)

    Austin Szerba narrates the end of humanity as he and his best friend Robby accidentally unleash an army of giant, unstoppable bugs and uncover the secrets of a decades-old experiment gone terribly wrong.

    Lexile: 910



  • Generation One

    By Pittacus Lore (YA Lore)

    When Taylor Cook develops incredible abilities, she finds herself at the Human Garde Academy, where the Loric are training the new generation of Garde to control her powers.

    Lexile: 730



  • Heart of Iron

    By Ashley Poston (YA Post)

    Ana, an orphan found drifting through space, joins with an Ironblood boy to find the coordinates of a lost space ship which may hold clues to her identity, as they end up discovering dark secrets in a forgotten part of the universe.

    Lexile: 740



  • That Inevitable Victorian Thing

    By E.K. Johnston (YA John)

    In a near-future Toronto where the British Empire never fell, Helena, August, and Margaret are caught off-guard by the discovery of a love so intense they are willing to change the course of the monarchy to keep it.

    Lexile: 980



  • The Diabolic

    By S.J. Kincaid (YA Kinc)

    Nemesis is a Diabolic, a humanoid teenager and the galaxy's most deadly weapon, who masquerades as Sidonia, a senator's daughter, and becomes a hostage of the galactic court.

    Lexile: 810



  • Honor Among Thieves

    By Rachel Caine (YA Cain)

    A savvy young criminal with antisocial behavior is recruited to attend the Honors space program and joins a team on a sentient spaceship destined for the far reaches of the galaxy only to discover dangerous secrets hidden among the stars.

    Lexile: 720