• Literary Reads

    Books with powerful prose and themes, where characters take the forefront.

  • New Pride

    LGBTQ+ books released in 2020 & 2021

  • Gardening

    A selection of non-fiction and fiction books for the novice, expert, and avid gardener.

  • Phenomenal Reads: A Good for the Soul Reading List

    From the Harlem Renaissance to Afro-Futurism this collection of new and future classics will help you explore the literary experience of the African Diaspora.

  • Beyond Harry Potter – Adult Fantasy

    Imagine Your Story in summer reading with relatable fantasy choices beyond Harry Potter. These titles are all magical and there is something for readers of all tastes.

  • Queer Sci-Fi/Fantasy Reads

    Enjoy worlds of magic, space travel, and more with a cast of LGBTQ+ characters.

  • LGBTQ+ Pride 2020

    Celebrate Pride with us. Check out one or more of these books available from our collection.

  • Anti-Racist: Pro-Racial Literacy Reading List

    Ocean County Library has been committed to the work of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion since 1997.  We invite you to explore this collection and our other online resources as we continue the journey to an fully inclusive and equitable community.

  • D-Day and the Normandy Campaign in WW2

    Fiction and non-fiction, books and movies, relating to D-Day.

  • These Books Bite

    Vampire and Werewolf Romance Novels