FanNation: The Geekstravaganza

Saturday, October 7, 2023 | 10:00am - 4:00pm

Toms River Branch



Panels, Workshops, & Presentations


Anime, Gaming, Comics, Cosplay, & More

Meet up with other people who love to love stuff.



Special guests will include:




Information Table

Catch the Evee: A FanNation Scavenger Hunt

→ Find and catch the nine Eveelutions around the library. Use the brochure at the FanNation sign-in table to write down where you find all of the Eveelutions. Present the completed brochure to the sign-in table for a prize!

Escape Room Registration

→ The Hand-Napping — Someone has hand-napped Thing. Help Wednesday and Enid to rescue them before time runs out.

Cosplay Contest Registration

→ Represent your fandom and participate in this contest where prizes will be awarded to the top 3 cosplayers. Register between 10am – 1pm in the library Lobby to participate. The contest starts at 3 pm.


Sparks's Lab Maker Space (2nd Floor)

*All Day While Supplies Last*

Green Screen Photo Op

→ Visit the second floor for a photo op from a selection of FanNation backgrounds. Images will be emailed.

Reusable Bag Creation

→ Decorate a reusable bag with a variety of different paint pens and fabric markers.

BAM! Buttons

→ Share them, trade them, wear them! Create your own buttons using our button maker.

3D Doodler Pens

→ Make your own FanNation memorabilia using our 3D pens.


Teen Zone (2nd Floor)

Video Games Free Play

→ Enjoy gaming on a retro system and Nintendo Switch in a fun and friendly environment.

Table Top Games

→ Sit down and learn to play these popular table-top games. Staff and volunteers will be on hand to assist in learning to play.

  • 10:00am | Sushi Go! → In this super-fast sushi card game, you are eating at a sushi restaurant and trying to grab the best combination of sushi dishes as they whiz by. Ages 8+. 2-5 players.
  • 11:00am – 1:00 pm | Open Gaming → Board games supplied by the Ocean County Library.
  • 1:00pm | Azul → Try out this tile-placement game where the goal is to complete your display board by placing tiles and creating patterns.
  • 2:00pm | King of Tokyo → Play as giant monsters, robots, and more competing to become the one and only King of Tokyo.


Discovery Room


11:00am | Galaxy Sensory Bottle

→ Travel to a galaxy far, far away with this sensory bottle craft. While supplies last.


Children's Area Storytimes


12:00pm | Ice Queen Storytime

→ Enjoy a princess themed storytime including stories, games, and a meet & greet with a princess.

1:30pm | Superhero Storytime

→ Enjoy a superhero themed storytime including stories, games, and a meet & greet with a superhero.


Atrium Crafts

While Supplies Last

10:00am | 3D Printed Golden Snitch

→ Create your own personalized design on a 3D printed Golden Snitch figurine using paint pens.

11:00am | PomPom Keychain

→ Make a pompom keychain using yarn, felt, and glue and show your love of soot sprites, pygmy puffs, or little green aliens.

12:00pm | DIY Ornament

→ Create a fandom inspired ornament to bring home.

1:00pm | Pikachu Bead Keychain

→ Create a mini Pikachu for your backpack using satin cord and pony beads.

2:00pm | Jurassic Park Terrariums

→ Create a dinosaur filled mini shadow box terrarium.


Escape Room

10:30am - 3:30pm


The Hand-Napping

Bishop Building

→ Someone has hand-napped Thing. Help Wednesday and Enid to rescue them before time runs out.

*Please register for a time slot at the Information table located in the main lobby.





Saber Guild Corellia Presents Children's Padawan Training Class

Mancini Hall

→ Costumed Jedi instructors guide a group of children to "Use the Force," practice lightsaber attack and self-defense routines, and offer them a safe chance to "test" their skills using the defense routine with instructor guidance.  This non-contact experience uses safe "practice sabers" lent to students for the event. Please see the SaberGuild Table to sign up a child for the training session. Space is limited.


A Guide to Immersive World Building

Green Room

→ This program will point creative individuals in the right direction when attempting to create their own world. We will cover various important topics used to build up your universe including map and climate creation, defining historical moments, as well as designing new races and species. This program will help YOU the creator with crucial information that will mold the world you desire into the right image.





Beyond the Reading Level: Old Adults Reading Young Adult Books (plus Q&A) w/ Mike Schubert

Mancini Hall

→ Mike Schubert, creator of Potterless and The Newest Olympian podcasts, will do a presentation on his experience with and lessons learned from reading young adult and middle grade novels professionally for his shows. He’ll discuss how through adjusting expectations and not worrying about the books being “meant for someone else,” you can sit back, learn, and enjoy the ride.



1:45 pm


Anime Trivia

Green Room

→ Compete in Who Wants to be a Millionaire?-style anime trivia for the chance to win small prizes.


Level Up Your Family Game Night

Home Town Dairy

→ Join the Bodhana Group as we discuss how the modern tabletop board game hobby not only offers fun, but fundamental skill building opportunities for social skills, resilience, problem solving, and learning. This presentation will be presented virtually.


Cosplay Contest


Registration | 10:00am - 1:00pm

Main Lobby

→ Please see all guidelines upon registering.

Official Contest | 3:00pm

Mancini Hall

→ Represent your fandom and participate in this contest where prizes will be awarded to the top 3 cosplayers. Be sure to register before 1:00 pm at the FanNation Information Table in the Lobby.


Virtual Programs



FanNation 2023 Freegal Playlist

→ Get pumped for this year’s FanNation event as you listen to our specially curated geeky playlist.

FanNation YouTube Videos

→ Check out our FanNation playlist from past years.



*A new podcast will be uploaded every Friday during the month of September.*

Fandom Friday: Sci Fi:

Library staff will be discussing Science Fiction, their experiences with the genre, media they love, and what makes a good sci fi story.

Fandom Friday: Happy Birthday, Doctor Who!

Join us as we geek out about all things Doctor Who! From our favorite Doctors, Companions, and episodes to our thoughts on the upcoming 60th anniversary special.

Fandom Friday: Video Games

Join library staff as they delve into the heart of video games. They’ll discuss video game preferences, online etiquette and responsibilities, streaming opportunities, the importance of passion and kindness in the virtual space and more.

Fandom Friday: Anime & Manga

Library staff will be discussing anime and manga, including their favorite series, adaptations, and characters. Titles of various genres will be discussed.

Fandom Friday: Fantasy

Get fantastic! In this Fandom Friday Episode, OCL librarians discuss what got them started in the fantasy genre, what they think about the latest trends in the genre, and what titles they loved and hope you will check out, too.

Fandom Friday: Dungeons Reference

Join us on an adventure! Library staff will be playing a Dungeons and Dragons one-shot adventure.


Toms River Information

FanNation will be held at the Toms River Branch of the Ocean County Library


Directions & Parking in Downtown Toms River

Click here for directions to and parking information for the library.

Click here for additional information on parking options.

**Note that on Saturday, the upper level of the municipal garage behind the library is FREE, not metered, courtesy of the Ocean County Library. But space in the garage is limited, so please have alternate parking plans.

Food Options in Downtown Toms River

→ There are several restaurants within walking distance of the library for your food needs.

More Information About Downtown Toms River

Click here to see the Downtown Toms River website.

What is FanNation?

→ FanNation: the Geekstravaganza will be a multi-genre convention where fans can get together and wave their geek banners high. This is expected to be the largest library event of the fall with the Toms River Branch hosting.

Who can attend FanNation?

→ Everyone is welcome! FanNation is FREE and open to the public, although we request that you register to attend. You do not have to be a resident of Ocean County. Programming will be geared towards adults and teens 12+, with added fun for little ones this year! You can register here.

What can I do at FanNation?

→ FanNation begins Saturday at 10:00am with programming throughout the building. Saturday’s panels, workshops, and presentations will culminate in a Cosplay Contest beginning at 3 pm.

Panels include topics on anime, game design, D&D and more. There will also be an escape room, scavenger hunts and crafts.

For our younger fans there will be storytime in the morning.

Who can I expect to see at FanNation?

→ Special guests include:

Will my fandom be represented?

→ A sampling of what will be represented: Anime, Comics, Cosplay, Fantasy, Gaming, Sci-Fi, Star Trek, Star Wars, and General Geekery.

Don’t see your fandom listed? You should come and represent!

What is a fandom anyway?

→ Fan.dom, noun: The fans of a particular person, team, fictional series, etc., regarded collectively as a community or subculture. (

A fandom is a group of people who like the same thing. People who like Doctor Who are a part of the Doctor Who fandom. People who like anime are a part of the anime fandom. Etc.

I’m not a geek! Can I still attend?

→ Of course!

Do I have to register?

→ Registration for Saturday is recommended. Click here to register.

Do I have to stay the whole time?

→ No, but we hope you do! You are welcome to come for just one program or stay for the whole day. If you are thinking of coming early, note that the library doesn’t open until 9 am and programming won’t start until 10 am. The library closes at 5 pm. If you get hungry in the middle of the day, there are restaurants in the area.

Can I come in cosplay?

→ Yes!

When planning your cosplay, please be aware the library’s code of conduct will be enforced. Proper attire, including shoes and shirts, must be worn. Carrying weapons is not permitted. ANY prop weapon must be obviously fake, or it may be subject to confiscation for the length of the event.

How do I enter the cosplay contest?

→ Registration will occur on-site at the FanNation information table in the lobby.

What is the Code of Conduct?

→ The library’s code of conduct will be enforced throughout FanNation. Click here to read the Code of Conduct.