• Highland Knits: Knitwear Inspired by the Outlander Series

    (746.432 High)

    If you can’t get enough of the Outlander series, here is a chance to take part of it with you wherever you go.  These 16 patterns are inspired by Claire Beachamp Fraser’s clothing in the hit Starz show.


  • Knitting Pearls: Writers Writing About Knitting

    (746.432 Knit, Q 746.432 Knit)

    A compilation of anecdotes about the transformative and healing powers of knitting written by multiple authors ranging from Jodi Picoult and Lee Woodruff to Bill Roorbach.


  • Knot the Usual Suspects: a Hunted Yarn Shop Mystery

    By Molly MacRae (M MacR, CM M MacR, QM MacR)

    Bagpiper Hugh McPhee is found dead just before the Blue Plum arts and crafts fair.  Kath, owner  and her knitting group must work to unravel this mystery with help from the yarn shop’s resident ghost, all while trying to complete their yarn bomb art installation.


  • Arm Knitting: 30 No Needle Projects for You and Your Home

    (764.432 Arm)

    No-needles needed for this knitting technique that’s sweeping Pintrest by storm.  Arm Knitting provides full instructions on how to get started with this new technique along with beautiful patterns.


  • Every Which Way Crochet Borders: 100 Patterns for Customized Edgings

    By Edie Eckman (746.434 Eckm)

    Step-by-step instructions and symbol charts put these creative new border designs within reach for beginning and advanced crocheters. This book includes diagrams, close up photos of the patterns and design advice.


  • Seams Like Murder

    By Betty Hechtman (M Hech)

    Molly sets up a series of classes where the Tarzana Hookers can pass on their skills but Sheila, is getting stage fright. To ease Sheila's fears, the Hookers plan a practice class, but before the lesson begins, they stumble upon a dead body in the apartment above CeeCee's garage.


  • AmiguruMe Pets: Make Cute Crochet Animals

    By Allison Hoffman (746.434 Hoff)

    Crochet more than 60 projects, including dogs, cats, small pets, and more.  As well as accessories to complement your pets.  Step by step instructions include how to modify patterns to create specific breeds, and even match your own lovable pet.


  • Loom Knitting Primer: A Beginner's Guide to Knitting on a Loom with Over 35 Fun Projects

    By Isela Phelps (746.432 Phel)

    This book includes precise and easy how-to instructions, for making basic stitches and variations, and for using all the different types of looms, round and long looms. The project section includes specific information about the looms used, with a handy chart of all the looms, with their gauges.


  • Knitlandia: A Knitter Sees the World

    By Clara Parkes (B Park)

    Clara Parkes delves into her storied travels with this inspiring and witty memoir. She takes readers along on 17 of her most memorable journeys across the globe over the last 15 years, with stories spanning from the fjords of Iceland to a cozy yarn shop in Paris's 13th arrondissement.


  • The Sisters of Sugarcreek

    By Cathy Liggett (Fic Ligg, Q Ligg)

    After her aunt’s death Jessica Holtz inherits her yarn shop and place as a member of the Secret Stitches Society with Liz Cannon to deliver anonymous gifts of hope to troubled folks.  Their first mission is Lydia Gruber, a young Amish widow with an uncertain future.


  • Murder at Lambswool Farn

    By Sally Goldenbaum (M Gold, QM Gold)

    In addition to knitting Birdie Favazza has taken on the challenge of renovating a farm/restaurant. However opening night town physician Dr. Hamilton is found dead on the property sending the rumor mill spinning. The Seaside Knitters must work together to uncover the truth about Dr. Hamilton’s past and his death.


  • Knit to Be Tied

    By Maggie Sefton (M Seft)

    Kelly Flynn and the Lambspun Knitters must come together when a hit and run, sends a cyclist to the hospital and kills the father of Nancy Marsted’s unborn baby, spinning the town into a frenzy. The Lambspun Knitters must work together to find the culprit before they are driven to kill again.


  • Boys Don't Knit (In Public)

    By T.S. Easton (YA East)

    After a brush with the law, Ben, a dyed-in-the-wool worrier, must take up a new hobby and chooses knitting, an activity at which he excels but must try to keep secret from his friends, enemies, and sports-obsessed father.


  • Great Knit Sweaters for Guys Big & Small: 12 Sweaters Children's Size 2 to Men's XXL

    By Andrea Sanchez (746.432 Sanc)

    If you love to knit for the men in your life, this book will help you knit them warm comfortable sweaters.  Each patterns’ sizes range from 2 year old through adult XXL making it a perfect fit for any guy in your life.


  • The Knitting All Around Stitch Dictionary: 150

    By Wendy Bernard (746.432 Bern)

    This book provides stitch patterns written for top-down, bottom-up, back-and-forth, and in-the-round constructions. The patterns are written in both easy to follow instructions and charts.  Each chapter includes a customizable pattern so that knitters can easily swap out stitch patterns to make their own unique knitted items.