• The Vineyard

    By María Dueñas (Fic Duen, Q Duen)

    International best-selling Spanish author, María Dueñas, tells a gritty yet beautiful and sprawling tale of the strong-willed and bold mine owner, Mauro Larrea. After Mauro Larrea’s fortune comes crashing down during the 1860’s in Mexico, Larrea must embark on a journey to win his fortune back.


  • The Lido

    By Libby Page (Fic Page, Q Page)

    Set in the Brixton neighborhood of London, this charming novel follows the lives of two women (widower Rosemary and young journalist Kate) who come together to try to save the town pool.


  • The Perfect Nanny

    By Leila Slimani (Fic Slim, Q Slim)

    Lawyer, Myriam, who has been cooped up at home raising her two young children, decides to go back into the workforce. After interviewing countless nannies, she finally finds the perfect nanny, perfectly perfect in every way…or so it seems.


  • The Idiot

    By Elif Batuman (Fic Batu)

    Selin enters her freshman year of college at Harvard in the 90’s and is accidently introduced with email after finding an Ethernet cable in her room. Email correspondence is exchanged between her friend and “love interest” Ivan, who originally is from Hungary. Discover how email, literature, and language draws Selin to opportunities, letdown, and life experiences.


  • Exit West

    By Mohsin Hamid (Fic Hami, Q Hami)

    The story centers on Nadia and Saeed who fall in love despite the societal and religious norms conspiring against them. As time goes by, their love flourishes and civil unrest begins to rise, forcing them to flee their country.


  • Homegoing

    By Yaa Gyasi (Fic Gyas, Q Gyas, CD Fic Gyas)

    Half sisters, Effia and Essi, are born to different tribes in 18th century Ghana. The book follows the story of Effia and Essi who both live two very separate lives. Effia’s family is still in Africa while Essi is enslaved by an American planter.    


  • Swing Time

    By Zadie Smith (Fic Smit, Q Smit, CD Fic Smit)

    This tells the story of two girls in North West London who dream of becoming dancers. While Tracey makes it to the chorus line, Aimee becomes an assistant to a famous singer and travels the world. She finally ends up in West Africa to ponder and discover her true roots and how her ancestors danced to the rhythm during a time of inequality.


  • White Chrysanthemum

    By Mary Lynn Bracht (Fic Brac, Q Brac)

    The story centers on two courageous Korean sisters in 1943 Korea under Japanese occupation. Hana, a Korean sea diver, risks her life to save her sister when they see Japanese soldiers approach their house. Hana is kidnapped and transported to a brothel in Manchuria by train. Fast forward almost 70 years later, Emi tries to forget the sacrifice her sister Hana, made for her.


  • Compass

    By Mathias Énard​​​​​​​ (Fic Enar)

    A magical, sophisticated, and masterful work about Franz Ritter who is on his sickbed and drifts between memories and visions of his life and profession as an Austrian musicologist. The author intelligently weaves cultural aspects of travel, musicians, poets, and writers from the Orient and the Occident as Franz Ritter reminisces on his past.


  • This Too Shall Pass

    By Milena Busquets​​​​​​​ (Fic Busq)

    After the death of Blanca’s mother, Blanca tries to rediscover herself and figure out how to truly live happily. She moves back from Barcelona to Cadaqués along with her two sons, two ex-husbands, and two best friends to reconnect with herself and to understand the human relationship.

  • A Million Drops

    By Víctor del Árbol (Fic Arbo)

    This complex and engaging crime mystery spans over decades, generations, and nations, and centers around Barcelona lawyer, Gonzalo Gil. Gil learns about the suicide of his estranged older sister, Laura, who is assumed to have killed a Russian gangster who murdered Laura’s son. Many believe Laura to be innocent. Gil decides to reopen the investigation and in doing so, deep and dark secrets are revealed from his family’s past during the Spanish Civil War and World War II.


  • Convenience Store Woman

    By Sayaka Murata (Fic Mura)

    In an all too normal and functioning society, Keiko Furukura, who was considered a strange child when she was younger, tries to hide and limit human and social contact by working part-time at Hiiromachi Station Smile Mart, a Japanese convenience store.


  • In Every Moment We are Still Alive

    By Tom Malmquist (Fic Malm)

    Tom’s pregnant wife, Karin, suffers from acute Leukemia.  While Karin is unable to pull through from the disease, Tom is left heartbroken with a motherless child. Tom must regain responsibility and come to terms with his new reality.