• Less

    By Andrew Sean Greer (Fic Gree, CD Fic Free, Q Gree)

    This Pulitzer Prize winning novel follows the journey of Arthur Less as he accepts every invitation he’s been sent to avoid the one he can’t handle – his ex’s wedding.


  • Tin Man

    By Sarah Winman (Fic Winm, Q Winm)

    As children, Ellis and Michael form such a close bond that romance seems inevitable. But years in the future, Ellis is married to Annie. So what happened to Michael?


  • Speak No Evil

    By Uzodinma Iweala (Fic Iwea)

    Track star student Niru seems to have it all, including loving Nigerian parents and a wonderful best friend, Meredith. But when the truth about his sexuality is revealed, Niru’s perfect life shows its cracks.


  • The House of Impossible Beauties

    By Joseph Cassara (Fic Cass)

    For fans of the groundbreaking documentary Paris is Burning comes this novel about the drag scene in 1980s NYC, where hearts and lives are made and broken.


  • The Whale: A Love Story

    By Mark Beauregard (Fic Beau)

    Herman Melville isn’t expecting much when he breaks from his writing for a picnic, but a chance encounter with Nathaniel Hawthorne changes everything.


  • This is How It Always Is

    By Laurie Frankel (Fic Fran, CD Fic Fran, Q Fran, PLAY Fic Fran)

    Claude knows that he wants to be a girl when he grows up, so when Rosie and Penn move their family, their youngest child is Poppy, and no one knows that Claude ever was. At least at first.


  • Stray City

    By Chelsey Johnson (Fic John)

    Andrea Morales has left the Midwest behind for Portland, OR. She’s a member of the “Lesbian Mafia”, and she finally feels like she’s found her place… until she gets pregnant.


  • Confessions of the Fox

    By Jordy Rosenberg (Fic Rose)

    Dr. Voth, a university professor, becomes obsessed with the story of Jack Sheppard, a legendary 18th century London thief whose mysterious story becomes much clearer with the discovery of a new manuscript.


  • Bingo Love

    By Tee Franklin​​​​​​​ (Fic Fran)

    Hazel and Mari met at church bingo in 1963. Though their feelings for each other grew, they were forced apart. When they meet again, decades later, will their love find a way?


  • When Katie Met Cassidy

    By Camille Perri​​​​​​​ (Fic Perr, CD Fic Perr)

    Katie’s life is on track for perfection until her fiancé dumps her. She gets drinks with Cassidy, a woman from work, who shows her that the perfection she thought she wanted might not be all she imagined it to be.


  • Sugar Run

    By Mesha Maren (Fic Mare​​​​​​​)

    After a manslaughter conviction at 17, Jodi gets another chance at life upon her release nearly 20 years later. She falls for Miranda, but will the troubles that haunt them both ever be forgotten?


  • Southernmost

    By Silas House​​​​​​​ (Fic Hous, CD Fic Hous, Q Hous)

    Preacher Asher Sharp offers two gay men shelter in his home following a disastrous flood. In doing so, he begins to see that things are not perhaps what he thought – and that he was wrong to cut out his own brother when he came out many years prior.


  • Never Anyone But You

    By Rupert Thomson (Fic Thom)

    In the years before WWI, Lucie and Suzanne meet and fall in love. A marriage between parents makes them sisters, able to hide their close relationship. As time progresses, their relationship will weather many storms.


  • Undiscovered Country: A Novel Inspired by the Lives of Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickok

    By Kelly O’Connor McNees (Fic McNe, Q McNe)

    Lorena Hickok is a journalist sent to cover the campaign of FDR and do a story on his wife Eleanor. Little does she know that this assignment will change not only her own life, but the life of the first lady as well.


  • No One Can Pronounce My Name

    By Rakesh Satyal​​​​​​​ (Fic Saty)

    Harit and Ranjana, both Indian immigrants to the US in their forties, are trying to come to terms with who they are while dealing with the everyday reality of their lives. Can their friendship provide the answers they seek?